Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Funny how Obama made a big deal in the Rose Garden of the White House about the trade of five terrorist leaders for Sgt Bo Berghdahl. There has been an investigation going on for some time as to whether Bo was a deserter in Afghanistan. A couple star general has investigated the situation and has written a report. For some reason the Pentagon has not released the report. I think the American public has a right to know if he was a deserter and did he collaborate with the enemy? If so he should be charged. This is probably another Obama coverup. He doesn't want to admit he traded five terrorist leaders for a deserter. Let' see the report. We saw Feinsteins report now what about this one.


Wow Obama is getting desperate to show he has some international relations wins. Now he has swapped prisoners with Cuba and is going to normalize relations with the Commies in Cuba. The Cubans have plotted against this country and are sworn enemies of the USA. So how is this going to work. Cuba I heard one commentator say is stuck in 1958 and it is true. The Cuban people might not be communist but their government is. Why do we want to normalize relations with them? Does Obama need a new supplier of Cuban cigars? Ok so swap prisoners if it is a good deal. But why suddenly are you going to be kissing cousins? Is North Korea next? I guess our normal allies don't want anything to do with Obama so he has to go to our non allies to become "friends". Another international relations mistake by clueless Obama.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We knew what monsters the Taliban were for some time but they have proven it once again. Six Taliban terrorist went into a school in Pakistan and killed 130 students and teachers. Others were injured. Many of the students were the children of Pakistan military leaders. The Taliban are so ignorant and just don't want people to be educated. Once educated they will see that the Taliban way of life is not for them. I would hope this is a wake up call to the Pakistan government and military to go after the Taliban with shock and awe. The Taliban come right out of the stone age mentality. Until they are taken out they will never stop their attacks on others. With the U.S. pulling most of the troops out of Afghanistan the Taliban will be on the march in that country again. So attacks such as this will probably occur more often in Afghanistan too. Taliban, ISIS, Al Qaeda and other groups are the scourge of the world. Until they are taken out and their philosophy stomped out they will continue to attract new followers and become even more horrific. Look at the attack in Australia in the coffee shop. It isn't only Afghanistan and Pakistan where these attacks will happen. It can happen anywhere. The governments of the world need to step up their surveillance of these kinds of people.

Monday, December 15, 2014


Barbara Wa Wa aka Walters I think it is time for your to retire permanently. Your latest top ten most interesting people was a little flawed. I laughed at one of the Kock Brothers being one of them. I am surprised that got thru the liberal minders. But come on George Clooneys wife Amal Alamuddin is the most interesting person on the planet. Why because George married her? Heck in Kentucky people were beginning to think George was gay. George is from Kentucky. He went out with some beautiful women but no commitment. Yes Amal is a rights lawyer and is from London. So what else is new. There has got to be many more interesting people than her. How about the Pakistan girl who got the Nobel Prize for Peace? She has done more than any wife, actress or musician. Probably any politician too. I guess the network had an open hour and they needed filler so Barbara Wa Wa was it.


I think it is so funny that Sony Pictures got hacked and all their little emails about people are coming out. Now we know what some of the big wigs in pictures think of some of the actors. I think some of the same things about some of them. I guess they really upset the North Korean government when they made a movie about killing their President. Sony's big boss and one of the producers joked about black films that Obama would like. They talked about salaries of actors and you find out some of the ladies were short changed. Some of Sony's new films are being leaked. This is putting a bad light on Hollywood that they probably deserve. Now they want to cry freedom of expression and privacy issues. So sad. I wonder how long before the Head of Sony resigns? Such good fodder for the tabloids and news shows.


Yes this weekend there were big protests in Washington DC, New York City and other places about the grand juries not indicting cops for killing Black suspects. But why are they marching and saying "Kill Cops". What kinds of idiots do that. I guess some people just want to see violence happen. Example a NYC professor had a bag of hammers and was assaulting police. Why would he have a job this morning? If you are assaulted who are you going to call : a protestor or a cop? Our system of law and order has worked for hundreds of years. Because a couple of cases went against what the protestors thought should happen now they want to redo the system. A do over is what they want. Sorry protestors you are not in the majority in this country. Why doesn't a big snow storm hit and that will be the end of the protests.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


We are less than two weeks away from Christmas. For many people the wild and frantic time of the year begins. If you don't have your gifts purchased then you are probably chasing them down. There are parties to go to and maybe parties to play. Children have school plays and activities. School will be out for Christmas break aka winter break for the politically correct crowd. The excitement builds in children who anticipate the arrival of Santa Claus and presents. Church services and activities are based on the birth of Jesus Christ. Right after Christmas people will be off to the after Christmas sales for those items they didn't get but got a gift card for the store. It is also a time for retailers to reduce prices to get rid of merchandise. New models will be coming after the first of the year. Next comes preparation for New Years. Another big party driven event.  It seems like from Thanksgiving to New Years it is one big blur in many respects. There is no snow and it isn't too cold where I live so it doesn't put you in a Christmas weather mood. The Christmas cards have been sent out. The gifts purchased and wrapped. Two trees are up and decorated. My wife decided because we didn't put up one last year we should put up two this year to make up for it. Not really but it sounds good. She just wanted to create a small tree to her liking. Silver, white and little twinkling lights is her thing. Our other tree has family related ornaments gathered over the years. We use to fight over how many lights to go on the tree so we bought a tree with the lights attached. See no fight over that. Actually we don't fight just have a difference of opinion on the number of strings of lights. If we decorated the outside of our house you would be able to see it from outer space because she would want that many lights on it. So we have a Christmas wreath on the front door this year. Every how you celebrate we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.