Tuesday, January 27, 2015


A report has come out showing that about 5,500 San Francisco residents are members of the super rich. The super rich are those whose worth is at least $30 million dollars. Three years ago the number was only about 4,200. The new super rich seem to be in the tech industry. These super rich have increased the price of housing both sales and rentals in the San Francisco area. It is also driving people who use to be able to afford to live there out of the area. The blue collar and service industry people can no longer afford to live in the town that they work in. Long time San Franciscans state that the super rich and their mannerisms have turned it into closer to New York than the traditional San Francisco. Their BMW and Mercedes don't seem to think that pedestrians are worth stopping for and they zip around town with no regard for others or the traffic laws. I guess owning a BMW makes you more arrogant so studies have shown. Many high tech places have moved to Silicon Beach now the Venice and Santa Monica area of Southern California. Maybe they will find a Silicon Desert or Mountain and move out of town.

Sunday, January 25, 2015


One reason to watch the Super Bowl is for the commercials. This year I don't care for either team playing the game but the commercials might be interesting. Companies spend millions on short commercials on this day. My favorite use to be the Budweiser Clydsdale horse commercials. Budweiser isn't featuring them anymore so a big loss for the Super Bowl. Companies spend almost the entire year developing commercials for this day. Then luckily we get to see some of them before the Super Bowl and some of them after it. Entertainment usually isn't a big deal because of who they have as the featured person. Katy Perry isn't my kind of music. The classic rock and roll groups are great. So I guess my only reason for watching the Super Bowl if I do is for the commercials. I guess I will watch someone spend millions in a short few seconds to sell me something that I probably don't need and won't buy. But hey that's entertainment.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Yes it is almost the end of January and we finally got some snow. We have had a couple of times where we got flurries and there was a trace in November. But today 2 or so inches of snow. Looked pretty but it is melting already. I guess this is as Winter as we are going to get for awhile. I know they are getting more snow on the Eastern Seaboard from this storm and further South they got rain. So no biggie.


Today the University of Kentucky basketball team took out South Carolina to win their first 19 games. No losses just wins. They are also still No. 1 in the nation in the polls. Keep going Big Blue.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


This weekend some football games were played. One game was the New England Patriots against the Indianapolis Colts. During the game it was discovered that one of the footballs was not properly aired up. An investigation has shown that 11 of the 12 footballs provided by the Patriots were under inflated. Why is that cheating? It would be easier for a quarterback to throw the football in rainy weather and easier for a player to catch the football. Since the Patriots throw more than the Colts that gave them an advantage. I wonder how many other times they have cheated. Oh wait they have been fined and the coach suspended for spying on other team workouts. Maybe a huge fine and suspension of the coach for the Super Bowl plus docking them some new recruits would get the point across that Cheaters don't Win.


I know that many people are very unhappy with Obama and his administration. Computer game players have virtual worlds. Why not have a virtual U.S. Government. You can add comments about what you would like in your U.S. virtual world or what you would change in the current government.

Examples: I would like to see the corporate tax rates lowered to bring more companies back to the USA. But I also want all companies to pay taxes. Things like General Electric writing off all their taxes is ridiculous.

We should start reducing welfare for those who cannot prove that they are in need. I also think drug tests for anyone on welfare is fair. If you fail then you get a second chance. A second failure puts you off welfare.

So let's hear from other people on what they would like to see in a new U.S. Virtual Government.


It is too bad that people in Iraq, Syria and in other locations are going from the modern world back to the Stone Age. That is the aim of the Islamic terrorist in taking over these territories. They want sharia law which is pretty barbaric. Robbers lose a hand, other people stoned to death or given hundreds of lashes with a whip. They take 13 kids watching a soccer game on TV and shot them in the middle of town. What a great group of people. Anyone who would want to join them must be as big a monster as they are.  This macho group of fighters strap a bomb on a child and send them into a market to blow themselves up. What a bunch of cowards. The people who live in these areas had better figure out how to fight or they will no longer exist. The people who are funding these terrorist are worse than the fighters. They provide the money and watch other people do their dirty work. That money might be coming from Iran, Syria or other countries. The world had better wake up and bring the fight to them more urgently than they currently are. A few airplane bombs is not going to stop them. It is going to take some boots on the group. Waiting for a year to train 5,000 Syrian rebels is not the answer. If you don't take the fight to them then there will be more Paris, Belgium and other country terror attacks.