Thursday, February 26, 2015


The Eastern part of the USA has had a terrible winter. Even the people in the South have had ice, snow and cold weather. Not a usual thing. In KY we had about 16 inches of snow on the ground from a couple of snow falls. It is finally starting to melt away so that we can see patches of grass again. I don't envy Boston who have had about 100 inches of snow and the way it is going they may not thaw out til May. We have another blast of arctic air coming the next two days and then next week we get some days in the 50s. Spring time we are ready for you. I hope wherever you are that the weather is getting better.

Monday, February 23, 2015


The Generals and Admirals in the Pentagon must be seething over the way Obama is handling our national defense. Or should I say mishandling it. Obama has already "fired" "purged" many Generals and Admirals that don't see things his way. All that valuable leadership is gone. I wonder if the military will get to the point that our national security is at risk because of Obama and do something about it? That is not the American way but neither is Obama. This country and its way of life has been destroyed more by Obama than by terrorist. Our borders are not protected.  Obama wants to let in thousands of Syrians that we know nothing about. Talk about a way terrorist can walk in the front door. How about shutting off all immigration from these areas. He won't acknowledge that ISIS is a extreme Islamic terror group. ISIS is indoctrinating little kids like the Nazis did and he can't see it. History will repeat itself if nothing is learned from history.


Why don't you Hollywood millionaires just accept your Oscar,  thank you staff,wife and kids and sit down. We know you are liberal non thinkers. All the political crap is why many people don't want to watch the Oscars. You want to make a political statement do an interview, rent TV time but don't do it on an awards show. Many of you will never see an award stage again so that might be your motivation. Yes there were no black people nominated for the big awards this year. But there were winners last year. Maybe you want to start the Black Oscars like you have Miss Black America and other things. Maybe check the number of actors in each ethnicity category and see if you are represented or not. Selma was nominated for best picture.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I can hardly turn on my tv to any channel without a Morgan and Morgan law firm ad showing. When do these people have time to practice law. Their ads are like Facebook posts. The son is graduating, the son is married, they have a grandson, they bring on their dogs. What is up with these people? Their ads are down right annoying there are so many. I wouldn't hire them on a bet if I needed a lawyer.

Kentucky has a lot of ambulance chasers as I call them. There is The Hammer and The Tiger. The Hammer ended up in a hospital after someone hit him on his bike. Maybe they were tired of his ads. People these days will sue at the drop of a hat. No wonder insurance and doctors malpractice insurance is so high. That only increases medical costs too.

Morgan and Morgan stop with all the ads. Go to court and take a break from making ads.

Monday, February 16, 2015


Wow we are getting some snow. Since about 7AM to Noon we got 8 inches or so. They are predicting up to 16-20 inches possible. This would be a new day record for KY. Up to this point we had one snow of 2 inches and 2 dustings is all. Plus we are getting frigid cold. Thursday morning it will be -10 actual temperature. I don't know what the chill factor would be. Luckily it is Presidents Days so schools are closed and government offices shut down. They are telling people to stay off the roads. Luckily we are only getting dry snow so no threat of big power outages. Tennessee is getting some ice which we didn't need. I guess winter is here.

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Wow it looks like lots of scientist say it exists and others say it does not. Obama has said this is the greatest threat to our nation. I guess he forgets about terrorists and ISIS. He will probably call out the Army to battle the wind, rain and heat. I doubt the people on the East Coast are talking about global warming when they are freezing their butts off. Obama has been wrong about everything else so I am sure he is wrong about this. The environmental whacko's probably like global warming as a statement. Al Gore does because he has made millions scaring people with it. I am sure that smoke stacks in China belching soot has some impact on the weather but I don't think it is as big as some people want to make it out to be. If it is so bad why doesn't China put restrictions on their smoke stacks? The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to regulate everything and everybody in the USA over global warming. Just another way for the government to control our lives.

Friday, February 13, 2015


I thought the President of the USA was suppose to be in charge of national defense. Obama is in charge of degrading our military. We had the Yemen embassy Marines leaving and turning over their vehicles and weapons. Marines don't give up their weapons. Why didn't military aircraft pick them up not civilian airlines? Now we have ISIS attacking a Iraqi base where 300 Marines are training Iraqi troops. Apparently Obama doesn't care that ISIS is 15 minutes away and he isn't going to do much about it. Talk about making the U.S. Military impotent. Can we really stand two more years of this type of "leadership"?