Friday, April 3, 2015


Tomorrow night the Univ of Kentucky Wildcats will put their 38 win 0 loss record on the line against Wisconsin. Last year in the NCAA Tournament the Cats beat Wisconsin by 1 point. So it will be a battle. Let's hope that the Cats go 39-0 and play either Duke or Michigan State in the Finals. GO CATS

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It looks like Obama has done more to destroy America than all the other Presidents combined. The historic American way of life is in the toilet. Yes terrorist destroyed the World Trade Center but Obama is taking America apart piece by piece. Example. Now he wants to reduce carbon emissions in the USA by 25% over the next 10 years. But China doesn't even have to start reducing til 2035. So that means Americans will be paying more for electricity and for things that are manufactured that require large amounts of electric power. He has already destroyed the coal industry and the lives of miners. He is destroying the countries military forces. They will be to the level of WWI or WWII shortly. That despite threats from Russia, North Korea, ISIS and possibly Iran. He is negotiating from a position of weakness with Iran over their getting nuclear weapons. Our healthcare system is in big trouble because of Obamacare. People who use to have full time jobs now have part time jobs if they are lucky at a reduced pay. You name it in every aspect of American life Obama is leaving his mark and it is not a good mark. I hope that his legacy is one of neglect by not doing the duties of the Presidency.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Obama is negotiating with Iran from a position of weakness. Iran should be paying attention to our demands and complying if they want sanctions lifted. These negotiations have gone on forever and no real headway has been made. Obama is so weak he only wants an agreement to make his legacy look good. Obama sorry your legacy is in the toilet whether you pass it or not. Iran should not be allowed to have nuclear weapons. They are the biggest supporter of terrorism around the world. If they get nukes, then the terrorist will probably get them. If the talks fail maybe Israel will bomb the crap out of the Iranian nuclear facilities and set them back like they did to Iraq and Syria.


So Indiana passes a law that allows people with religious beliefs to not do business when it goes against their religion. There is a federal law and laws in 20 something states that say the same thing but people want to bully Indiana. I guess the liberals, the gays and others are all up in arms. Get over it. It doesn't discriminate against you. It provides for people or businesses who have religious grounds for not doing something against their will. This country has become so anti-Christian. anti-Jewish. Even military chaplains are not allowed to talk about their beliefs. I hope the next President isn't a suto Muslim and allows people to do their own thing without the government getting in it. It is time for people to stand up for their rights and religion. I see Seattle, Maryland and Angies list making waves. If you don't like it don't go there but let others who say it is ok have their rights. The ACLU even agreed when the federal law was passed by Clinton that it was ok. Get a life folks and let others live theirs.

Monday, March 30, 2015


American Airlines like other airlines has a travel points program called AAdvantage. They should change the name to DisAAdvantage. I had some miles expiring so I thought I would use it for a store gift card for my wife. AAdvantage works thru another program called I went into and clicked redeem miles. It indicated that I could redeem miles with a variety of stores. I talked to an AAdvantaged person and a person. No where does it say that you can no longer use AAdvantage miles for store cards. In fact the customer service person had to talk to a supervisor to find out that American miles can no longer be used for store gift cards. I could use the points for travel. I had enough points for a trip but I had no plans for a trip to their sites. So my wife and I both donated our miles to a military related program where the points could be used by military members or families. I actually wanted a $100 Macy's credit card which I had points for. My wife had like 13,000 points which was not enough for travel or a store card. So basically we got nothing for our flights and loyalty. Besides having been an American employee for a few years. I guess we will be flying other airlines as a result. So be careful. Read the small print and don't believe their websites because even their customer service people don't know how the programs work. Yea it SUCKS.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Last night there was a good basketball game. The Univ of Kentucky Wildcats meet the Notre Dame Irish. The game went down to the last shot and UK came out the winner by 2 points. One of the best games I have seen recently. Now UK is 38wins and 0 losses on the season. Lets get 40-0


Harry you have been in Congress too long. You have done nothing but obstruct the work of Congress. While you were in charge of the Senate no bills got passed to protect Obama. Maybe that fall knocked some sense into your head. The people of Nevada are the fools for electing you so many times. You got rich off under the table deals so go live in luxury while the economy of the USA suffers. Total loser