Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Many of our Presidents have served in the military during their careers. Here are some photos of the Presidents in uniform.


Many people were mad at Pac Sun for their shirt showing an American flag upside down. This is a sign of distress. Instead we need a photo of Obama on a shirt upside down. He is in distress and causing the country distress.

Sunday, May 24, 2015


They estimate that there are 1100 black bears in the Smokie Mountain National Park. A popular place to see them is in the Cades Cove portion of the park. Sometimes you see them sometimes you don't. I just got back from there and this was the most bears I have ever seen on my trips down there. I saw 3 momma bears and three cubs plus a juvenile bear. You have to look closely as they are in the brush or sometimes up trees. You don't want to get too close so a telephoto lense is necessary. I was shooting with a lense with 270mm top end which on the Canon is about 430mm. This seemed to be the time when the momma bears were out foraging. So May might be a good time of year to see the bears.

Photo 1: Momma bear was in the middle of the tree. A cub was 10 ft higher.
           2. Momma bear
           3. One of two cubs
           4. Juvenile bear.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


The US has spent millions and probably billions providing training and equipment to the Iraqi Army. So what do they do they cut and run when faced with ISIS fighters. Is it poor leadership or poor discipline among the troops? Probably both. The ISIS forces just took Ramadi and are not that far from Baghdad. Obama and General Dempsey are denser than dirt in not realizing that this is a major victory for ISIS and the US is doing nothing to stop them. Any general worth his salt should be telling Obama what we need to do. If Obama won't listen then retire and speak out about the White House. I saw a parade in Ramadi of ISIS in Iraqi equipment. Why wasn't that parade bombed into oblivion? It was a perfect target to get lots of fighters. Why should Americans spend another dollar to save Iraq if Iraq doesn't care to defend itself?


Talk about a coverup. The U.S. Dept of State is saying they will turn over 55,000 emails of Hillary Clinton but not til January 2016. Why can't they do that immediately? They are trying to cover Hillary's backside. How can a government agency be this corrupt as to not be transparent with these emails. Hillary has enough trouble over Bengazi, making money, influence peddling and having a private email server already. The Clinton Foundation is just a big bowl of money that the Clintons use for whatever they want. Hilllary was influenced on issued by people giving money to the Foundation or by Bill giving an overpriced speech. The Clintons plead poverty but made $26 million dollars in the last 16 months. I guess you pay to play with the Clintons. We don't need her and Bill in the White House.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


It is the time of year when Farmers Markets and road side vegetable and fruit stands set up. If you want your produce fresh this is the way to do it. Madison County has two farmers markets. One is at the courthouse square on Saturdays and one at Lowe's twice a week. Plus there are roadside stands that sell apples in season and other items. The Farmers Markets sell things other than fruits and vegetables. I bought some bourbon flavored popcorn and my wife got a cupcake. Other vendors sell meat and jewelry. They usually have some entertainment too. It is fun to see what is in season and to buy it fresh.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Most American Presidents have tried to bring the country together. Obama has done so much to pull the country apart.
 He has tried to make the rich out to be bad and has tried to start class warfare. He has done more to put people in poverty than any other President. He has not helped job creation in any way.

He has divided the country on religion. He says he is a Christian but he beats up on Christians at every turn. In the military chaplains are not allowed to express their denominations thoughts. That has not been the case in the military with prior Presidents. He seems to bend over backwards to Muslims not even identifying terrorist as Muslim extremist.

He and the Democrats have tried for a gender warfare. They say women are put down by Republicans and are not paid enough. Check the salaries of the women on the White House staff compared to men in similar jobs.

He has divided the country by race. As the first Black (part black part white ) President he has not done much to help the cause of African Americans. But he beats up the cops when a white cop shoots a black criminal. He has the Justice Dept investigate certain shootings while similar shootings by a different racial mix are not looked at. He allows Al Sharpton to be his chief advisor on race. Al is an instigator and a fraud.

On immigration he won't enforce the laws of the country but panders to Latinos for their vote by promising them that as law breakers they can stay in this country. He wants to make them citizens so that they will vote Democratic he hopes.

I could go on but you have the idea. We will need a President who will promote this country not tear it down when Obama is out of office.