Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It looks like the grand jury made their decision and the police officer was not indicted. All this could have been avoided if the parents of Michael Brown had taught him not to be a thug and bully. I am sure this isn't the first time Michael has shop lifted or assaulted someone. Too bad he ended up dead but when you assault a police officer you are put yourself in danger. Al Sharpton if he shows up in Ferguson should be arrested for inciting violence. Where was the National Guard last night? They might have prevented the buildings being burned. Was the Captain State Police in charge of the police actions? If so he failed. If people riot then deadly force should be authorized. You want to burn a building then you deserve to be shot. I know many of the people were peaceful protestors but they tolerated the thugs and looters in their midst. Who is going to pay, the people of Ferguson. The outsiders will go home none the worse. Businesses were burned and jobs will be lost. Insurance rates for everyone in the area will go up. If I was a burned business I would not rebuild in Ferguson so services might be lost to residents. The President, the Governor and the local officials don't seem to have learned anything from the first riots and it doesn't appear anything is any better three months later. People in other cities also had marches mostly peaceful. Oakland CA had some things burned but that is the culture of Oakland CA. Lots of thugs and gang bangers there too. There are still people in this country that don't believe in the rule of law. That includes the White House.

Monday, November 24, 2014


What Budweiser fired the Clydesdales? How cruel of them. Everyone loves the Clydesdales like they do Panda Bears. Why would you fire them? You want to be more hip huh? Well no one will replace the Clydesdales. I for one will drink another brand if you don't have the Clydesdales in commercials. They are iconic and a national treasure. Everyone should protest to Budweiser and bring the Clydesdales back.


Chuck Hagel apparently has ruffled the feathers of folks in the White House. He has correctly called for more troops in Iraq to fight ISIS. This is unlike Obama who said no boots on the ground. Of course we have 3,000 boots on the ground but they don't count according to the White House. Hagel and the military chiefs have been at odds with Obama and the White House national security staff for some time. I almost choke when I saw the national security staff in the White House. They don't have a clue. Susan Rice, Valarie Jarrett and a few other political hacks have these jobs and have no national security background. I wonder if the Republicans will block the appointment of a new Secretary of Defense as a result of Obama's immigration executive order. Hagel will stay on board til a replacement is announced which could be awhile.


Secretary of State Kerry is making no headway in dealing with Iran on their nuclear weapon program. An agreement was suppose to be reached by today. But they have now agreed to extend talks for seven months. Another seven months for Iran to further their nuclear program. Sanctions had been working on Iran but they have been eased. We should put more serious sanctions on Iran since they won't budge on their nuclear program. The U.S. government since Obama has been in office has presented a pathetic show of strength in dealing with any international situation. If the US doesn't act Israel may take care of the problem themselves. We should negotiate from a position of strength not on of impotence. A limp penis should be the new Presidential flag over the White House and the State Department. We have done nothing to slow down Iran's march to nuclear weapons. That bunch of crackpots might do anything once they have a nuke.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Yes it is that time of the year again. Thanksgiving will be here on Thursday. This will start the holiday season so be prepared for chaos from now until after January 1, 2015. It seems like the time quickens during this time of year. With the wild weather around the country you better get prepared for Thanksgiving early. Get that turkey, dressing, cranberries, pumpkin pie and other ingredients ready. Every family has a traditional meal or traditional meal items that they all like at Thanksgiving. At our house the grandkids like "the pink stuff". It is a jello like substance with strawberries and cool whip in it. I like jellied cranberries and some in the family like the relish so we have both. We do go away from tradition by having turkey at Thanksgiving and prime rib at Christmas. The kids will be out of school a little earlier than Thursday and won't be back til at least Monday. Then we have the dreaded Black Friday when shoppers go crazy thinking they are saving all kinds of money. Experts say that you can save more money before and after Black Friday in general. Yes there are some items in limited supply that are very cheap but you might have to fight all the relatives, the neighborhood and your town for them. No fist fights please.

Just enjoy your Thanksgiving and remember what you are thankful for.

Friday, November 21, 2014


The big question is what will Obama do when he is out of office. Since his father is from Kenya maybe he will go back to the homeland. If he is willing to do that then I will buy him some goats to herd. Goats kinda go where they want and do what they want a lot like Obama. Or he could go back to Chicago the political cesspool of America. His old pal Rahm Emanuel is Mayor so he would be saluted as the returning hero by the entitled crowds of Chicago. Now he might be welcomed in Mexico where he could live with his adoring fans of his immigration policies. Wait we forgot Beverly Hills where Gweneth Palthrow loves him as her saint. Hollywood would embrace him. They would probably contribute enough money to allow him to live like the Emperor he always wanted to be. So see Obama has so many options once he leaves office.

Now Michelle has options too. She could become a cafeteria lady and hand out healthy and uneaten food to all the kids. Or she could open an organic farm to produce healthy veggies for the masses. She definitely won't be going in the fashion industry.

Good Luck to the Obama's. You are welcome to start your new life now instead of waiting two more years.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


If Obama signs an Executive Order on Immigration the American people should do a mass march on Washington D.C. Obama himself has said that this act was illegal under the Constitution. But why would that stop a "Constitutional Professor". It is just another illegal act that Obama will do against the American people. Yes the illegals will be happy and dancing in the streets. So why shouldn't Americans opposed to this illegal act also demonstrate in the streets. Why not shut down Washington D.C. with protestors? Hopefully the Republicans and Congress will go to court to overrule this illegal action.