Friday, July 3, 2015


I guess NASCAR has now become the politically correct police. They want to ban the Confederate flag at races. Do they understand the history of NASCAR. It was started by Southerners and is still mainly supported by Southerners. I don't think you are going to take the Confederate flag away from the good old boys. I will be interested to see the reaction of fans. I think NASCAR has become too much a business and not enough sport. I for one watch very few races these days due to the constant rule changes. Let the drivers race. All this politically correct bull shit has got to go. Even Dale Earnhardt apparently has had his balls removed as he supports removing the Confederate flag. I think your daddy Dale Sr would be turning over in his grave to hear his twinky son say that. NASCAR is losing fans and now they will only lose more.

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I guess Hillary kicked off her second campaign on some island in New York yesterday. The lies started immediately. She wants the middle class to think she is for you. Lie 1. (Hillary is for Hillary not you) She wants to redistribute wealth. Lie 2. (Yes she wants to take your money and give it to her or use it to buy votes). She gives us this sob story of her mother being adopted and working as a maid. So what many people did that and even harder jobs. What your mother did doesn't qualify you for nothing. Hillary went to Ivy League colleges so that isn't real middle class. Poor Hillary became a lawyer. That is another strike against her. She got to live the life of luxury as the wife of the Governor of Arkansas. She got to spend our money for 8 years in the White House. She hasn't driven a car in decades. That is real middle class. I bet she doesn't know the price of a gallon of gas, a quart of milk or anything else that normal people buy. She can't or hasn't identified a think that she accomplished as Secretary of State except the number of miles flown. Anyone with an airline mileage club card can do that. Scandals have followed the Clintons for years. But it is never their fault. The Clinton Foundation is under scrutiny for everything from bribes to tax evasion. And this is what you want as a President. With more power comes more corruption. So Dump Hillary in 2016.

Someone told me I was tilting with windmills. If I can convince one person to not vote for Hillary it is all worth it.

Saturday, June 13, 2015


Ever since the new President Michael T. Benson has arrived things have been changing at Eastern Kentucky University and not for the better. Staff have been laid off, coaches canned and maybe some dirty under the table deals made. Why wouldn't an athlete recruited by a coach go elsewhere if his coach is no longer there?  The City is upset over Campus Terrace not paying taxes. The college is trying to weasel out of them by saying state instiutions don't have to pay them.  Is anyone looking into this. Maybe 60 Minutes will. The local newspaper isn't since they really don't do the news or have real reporters. The citizens of Richmond are just wondering what is going on. It is the topic of discussion around town. They don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling out of the current situation. Some students who were planning on going to the college have elected to go else where. Alumni are upset too. I have heard of some Eastern Kentucky University hats, shirts etc being burned. I guess that tells you something. Oh well probably another college president who brings in his lackies, stays a couple of years, screws up the place and moves on leaving the campus in disarray. You wonder who was on the Search Committee for this guy. Is this what they hired him for?


Who do you think wants an old fat broad in multi colored pants suit to represent the United States around the world. Yes I heard you flew a million miles but no one asked knows what you did as Secretary of State. Not even the Dept of State. Why don't you go run your corrupt Clinton Foundation, keep Bill in line and be a grandmother. We are sick of seeing your face. You moved from Washington to New York so that you could run for the Senate. So you are basically what we call a carpet bagger. You would move to the moon if you could rule the World. You still haven't answered for Bengazi and the loss of four lives. Where is your email server and your State Dept emails? When you hit your head and were out for awhile didn't that knock some sense into you?
Obama has already destroyed the trust of our allies and the American people. Another Democratic President would probably destroy the USA. I know you will promise everyone a chicken in every pot and wealth redistribution. Why don't we start by taking some of your millions and giving it to people who have less? When we hear about how much Bill makes on speeches and then that you rent a vacation home for $200,000 a day we feel your pain. We know you are on of "us". Not really but it probably makes you feel better telling those lies. So I don't want to see you on my tv. I don't want anyone calling me on your behalf. I don't want any mail from you. I am opting out of anything Clinton. I hope lots of Americans do the same.

Friday, June 12, 2015


Yes I have owned a Honda for just shy of 30 years. Not the same Honda. I first bought a Honda Accord LX in 1986. Then a second one in about 1992 or so. A third Honda Accord LX in 1998. Then my wife suggested we look at the CRV. So we bought a 2004 CRV LX. Next and currently we own a Honda CRV AWD.  Knock on wood all of these cars have been excellent and no mechanical problems to speak of. I would say that represents probably at least 250,000 miles of driving and maybe more. My dad owned 9 Hondas starting with the first Civic and then the Civic CVCC and then the first Accord and a couple more. Again all without any problems. If you are thinking of a reliable car think Honda. I am sure my next car will be a Honda too. While I have owned Hondas I have usually had a second car which was not a Honda. But the Hondas have been the most reliable plus they give you good resell / trade in value. Go Honda

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I use to watch NASCAR religiously every race. I have seen two races this year. I have lost interest due to the rule changes constantly. I heard the latest was the cars could only use one transmission or rear gear set up per race or they go to the back of the field. I wonder how thick the NASCAR rule book is. There must be a huge one for each different track. It isn't a lot of fun to watch anymore.


I guess Hillary wants to vilify the Republicans so bad that she tries to make it a racial thing voting. These days you have to have an ID for everything so one of our sacred rights should also require you to ID yourself before voting. The Democratic party is famous for letting dead people vote over and over and over. Hillary would love to have illegals vote for her. Thank you states that have wised up and have voter ID laws. Hillary is losing and now she is on the attack. Over half the country doesn't trust her. She lies, she corrupts and she will do anything to be President. Look at her Clinton Foundation and all the corruption there. She sold out the US as Secretary of State for donations to the Clinton Foundation. She doesn't care a rats butt about this country only about herself. So Vote NO on HIllary.