Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The purge by President Benson continues. Latest casualty is Dean Hood Football Coach. This after the basketball coach and baseball coaches were let go. Also after he ravaged the student affairs administration and public relations staff. Word is Coach Hood knew earlier in the year that he was going to be fired at the end of the season. Some of his staff started looking and took other jobs. Think about the students who were recruited by this coach and will never play for him. They probably wonder about the loyalty of the college to them.

Don't you just love college Presidents who come in and get rid of people who have dedicated themselves to a college just to bring in his cronies. Eastern Kentucky University has lost loyal fans and even alumni over the actions of President Benson. He is a fly by night operator and chances are he won't be around much longer. He is probably already applying for other jobs climbing up on the heads of good people.


Many of my readers are from other countries and do not know about our Thanksgiving holiday. It is considered an end of harvest type festival. It began when the Pilgrims arrived in America in the 1600s. They found friends in the Indians who showed them how to fish and grow crops. At the end of the harvest they sat down together to enjoy their labor. A traditional Thanksgiving dinner in America is Turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce or jelly, vegetables and pumpkin or pecan pie. There are variations of this in families. People today roast, fry or smoke their turkeys. Some people like bread or corn bread stuffing or dressing.

It is one of the holidays where Americans like to get together with their families. This and Christmas. Many people fly or drive to be with families during this holiday.

The day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. This is when many stores have huge sales in preparation for Christmas. Some people camp out to be first in line for some of the really good bargains.

In Canada they celebrate Thanksgiving but earlier in November.


Monday, November 23, 2015


Sorry Kyle no matter how many races or championships you win you are still a little punk. You have been the bully of NASCAR with your brother. I don't know why your moma didn't raise you better. You have been nasty to other drivers, the fans and the press. Payback might be hell dude. No wonder your nickname is Rowdy. A recent list came out on the internet about the 15 most hated NASCAR drivers. Congratulations you made the list.

The sport is losing a real gentleman in Jeff Gordon. Maybe you should hire him to give you some lessons in civility.

Sunday, November 22, 2015


Joel Pett of the Lexington Herald Leader yellow journalism newspaper claims to be a cartoonist. He is actually a political operative. He usually uses his little golf pencil to try and draw cartoons of liberal leaning subjects.

Recently Matt Bevins a Republican defeated the favored Democratic nominee for Governor of Kentucky. So on December 8th he will take office and has now become the target of liberals. Joel's latest attempt at "humor" involved a cartoon showing Bevin hiding under his desk afraid of Syrian refugees while photos of his four adopted children from Kenya are on the desk. The liberals and current Governor want Syrian refugees to come to Kentucky. Kentuckians and the new Governor is opposed to taking Syrian refugees until they are properly vetted. Liberals don't worry about our nations safety and example is Obama. The newspaper and Pett are getting lots of angry letters and phone calls concerning this despicable individual and the newspaper that allows his to spew hate. I have had my conversation with Joel a few times over some of his other chicken scratches that he puts on paper. You are losing the battle Joel and the Lexington Herald Leader. You wonder why newspaper sales are down it is crap like this that has people cancelling their subscriptions.


Starting at the University of Missouri and spreading some college students, many of them black, think they can dictate who runs the campus. Missouri made a mistake and letting them think that they can run a college president and chancellor out. Now they want to select the new administrators. At Princeton University a black group of 35 students want the name of President Woodrow Wilson stricken from a campus building and a mural removed. They say he was racist. Folks get over it. This is the history of the United States for better or worse. You don't just wipe out history like that. I realize the liberals and the Freedom from Religion Foundation plus the ACLU would like to do this. The government and liberal education groups already are trying to write our history out of text books. This little protest by a minority of students is spreading to other campuses like Ithaca in New York. Kids do you remember Kent State. Don't get too militant or the same can happen to you.

Some colleges want "safe zones". What you really want is to allow people free speech which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. You act like you are inventing something new. Nope it has been around for years. What do you want Speakers Corner in Hyde Park where anyone can say anything about anyone. It was already invented by the British. Just chill and do your college work. Many of you will never graduate anyway. So study and graduate and knock off the silly shit.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


The way the Mulim refugees are going they will soon be able to control elections in several countries. So when they overwhelm the countries occupants what is going to happen? Muslims have more children than most Europeans. It won't take long for their numbers to grow substantially. They can take over small towns, cities and eventually national governments. Who is to blame? The governments that allowed so many Muslims to immigrate to their countries. So take my word for it one of these days it will happen. Will Queen Elizabeth be replaced by a mullah? How about a bigger chance of Belgium or Holland being taken over? Maybe a little sharia law in Germany. France has no go zones for police because of the Muslim residents. They know that sharia law goes on in those areas but have not stopped it. Maybe now people will wake up.


The majority of Americans do not want 100,000 Syrian refugees brought into this country. The big reason is there is no real way to vet them. Even the FBI says that is true. Who are these people? Their country is in turmoil, there is no paper trail as to who they are and where they are from. Are they true refugees or terrorist in refugee clothing? France found out that at least one of their attackers came in as a refugee. The majority of state Governors don't want refugees in their states. The federal government won't even tell states that refugees are coming, their names or nothing. WHY???? I thought the Obama administration was going to be so transparent. It is probably one of the least transparent administrations in our country's history. Obama is in charge of national security. A task he doesn't take seriously. He doesn't enforce our borders. He won't let the Border Patrol and Immigration officials do their jobs. Yep he will gamble with our national security. Obama is the true Manchurian Candidate. He grew up a Muslim and who is to say he wasn't groomed to get into the government and then reek havoc? Who knows for sure? You can call it a conspiracy theory but hey it is as good an answer as to why Obama is the way he is as any other theory. If you oppose Syrian refugees call or email the White House and your Congressional people. If you can't take time to do that then you deserve a Syrian refugee in your backyard.