Monday, September 1, 2014


Obama doesn't seem to want to act on anything that is happening in the world. Is he cautious or just chicken? Our allies are unsure of his support on anything. Our enemies are emboldened by his inaction. Is he afraid that his legacy will be hurt by war actions? Don't worry O Hole your legacy is in the toilet already and will continue that way. At my age I have been thru every President since FDR. You and Jimmy Carter are on the tail end of good Presidents. Jimmy was the worst until you showed up. Makes him look like a genius. So either do the job or go to the hen house.

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Yes tomorrow is September One. Labor Day will be over and kids will be back in school. What comes next? Fall. I hope we have a long Indian Summer and a beautiful Fall. Winter can stay gone as long as possible. I am ready for some fall colors and it is time to take some photos. This is the season that many photographers wait for. If you are in an area with a variety of trees then you will get a variety of colors and at different times. I like the Smokies for its tree variety and the beautiful colors. Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg are also fun towns in the area. Asheville North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway is another great place to see fall. If you go a little further you hit the Shanadoha Valley in Virginia. Two years ago I went to Maine the end of Sept and early October. We stayed at Bass Harbor but visited the whole area up to Campobella Island where F.D. Roosevelt had a home. Beautiful scenery all around. Another great place for fall is the Adirondak Mts of New York. I think they have some of the most beautiful blue lakes to go with the fall colors anywhere. Yes don't forget Vermont and New Hampshire. Maryland and Pennsylvania also have some beautiful colors. Take I-75 south of Lexington to Knoxville TN and you will see some great fall colors without getting off of the interstate. They tell me that Arkansas has some pretty scenery around Branson. Haven't been there so can't tell you if it is true. It is fun to hike in the fall as you shove the leaves around with your feet as you tramp along the trail. Where every you live when the leaves start changing get out and enjoy it because that white stuff snow is not far behind.

Friday, August 29, 2014


It is about time that athletes be accountable for their behavior. The San Francisco 49ers Aldo Smith is going to be suspended for 9 games. He has been involved in alcohol, drugs, weapons and other charges. These guys get big contracts and are "stars" and act like they have no common sense. They act like thugs. If more teams and leagues would hold athletes accountable then there would be less problems. You want to play with the Big Boys then act like one. The recent USC player, name doesn't matter who claimed he injured himself saving his nephew is another example. He is suspended for lying and being investigated as to how he actually injured himself. He won't be playing at USC vs Fresno State this weekend. The Air Force Academy recently had to hold players responsible for sexual assault. They should be kicked out of the Academy due to the honor code. You do the deed you should pay the price.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Obama is doing nothing while ISIS continues to terrorize parts of Iraq and Syria. Now Obama says he doesn't have a plan to handle them. I bet the military does. All he has to do is ask. How dumb can you be? The CIA, State Department and Dept of Defense all know how dangerous things are and Obama still won't acknowledge it. Now Putin is moving troops and tanks into the Ukraine. If Obama won't do anything in Iraq they know he won't do anything in the Ukraine. Every other dictator in the world will take advantage of the weakness of the American President. America isn't weak our "leader" is.


The world is in a terrible state. Russians are coming into the Ukraine. Hamas and Israel are still battling. ISSI is on the move in Syria and Iraq. But Obama comes out at a news conference and says as it relates to ISSI the US has no plan. How can the President of the USA have no plan? We know some areas that ISSI is interested in attacking on Sept 11th of this year. West Point and the CIA has been warning about ISSI for four years. The White House has had plenty of warning and still they have no plan. Time for Obama to go if he can't lead. This is the most impotent White House ever. Either Obama is stupid or nieve or he just doesn't care to defend this country. Is he a Socialist, a Muslim, or does he just want to destroy the USA from within? Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Obama just has his finger up his rear while ISSI takes over a big part of the Arab world. I wish the military leaders would rebuke the White House for their lack of leadership.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


This weekend the Battle of Richmond, Kentucky was reenacted. The cannons fired, the horses galloped and the troops fought. Despite the 100 degree heat index everyone soldiered on. The number of visitors was up as was the number of re-enactors. There was more artillery too. If you haven't seen a night firing of artillery you have really missed something. They do that on Saturday night. I talked with soldiers from as far away as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Visitors came from Mexico, Spain and from surrounding states. The Sisters of Charity from Cincinnati also had a display and one of the nuns came to represent them. During the battle the Sisters of Charity had six nuns in the area nursing the injured. Thanks to all the visitors and re-enactors who came to this event. Without the Re-enactors there would be no event. Look for the event next year about the last weekend in August.

Other events include the Great American Festival in Richmond Sept 5-6,2014
and a historic Christmas event in the Irvington House in Richmond in December.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Last week Chuck Hagel, Secretary of Defense and the top military leader General Dempsey both came out strongly against ISIS. Now General Dempsey is backtracking on what he said. I am sure the White House called him on the carpet over his remarks. General you are there to support the troops and the American people. You should not be a political pawn. Be a straight shooter and tell it like it is. Grown a pair of balls and stand up for what is right. If you can't do that you should resign. Obama has already proven he isn't capable of being the Commander in Chief. He is not really concerned about the safety of the American people. We see that by his immigration stance, his lack of leadership in the world stage and his lack of action on many issues. Come on General show us how you became a leader of men. Don't be a lap dog to Obama. Stand up for America.