Sunday, September 14, 2014


In our countries history we have had many people who had The Right Stuff. Whether it was military leaders, Presidents, other politicians or astronauts. It is too bad the current occupant of the White House has The Wrong Stuff. He leads from behind and only seems to worry about politics and his legacy. Both of those losing propositions. He doesn't lead by example. He subverts investigations into government wrong doing and denies that anything is wrong. He never sees a report that says ISIS is dangerous or has no knowledge of what happened in Bengazi. He is like the three monkeys; see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil. Except he speaks evil about Republicans, Americans and people who identify corruption in his administration. God help us get thru two more years of this miserable leader. We hope that no more major things happen that he has to handle because he won't.


We have provided economic and military aid to many of the Arab countries. We have also sold them some of our latest military weapons. Now they are not willing to use their military troops or aircraft to fight ISIS. Saudi Arabia has allowed us to fight their war to guarantee they are still a nation for a long time. Now they chicken out and won't even fight against a force that might be coming after then next. Turkey won't even allow us to use their bases to fly aircraft against ISIS. I understand they have some diplomats held hostage but people from a variety of countries have hostages. The United States has lost 2  and Britain one to beheadings. I understand that Obama is a weak leader but ISIS gains strength daily and the sooner they are taken down the better. Now Jordon hasn't volunteered their military but they at least have been taking care of several million refugees. It would be nice if all these countries saw the threat and agreed to cooperate to wipe them out. Chickening out is not an option.

Friday, September 12, 2014


You don't have to be dumb as a rock to understand that the USA is at war with ISIS. Normally when you bomb someone that is military action. Kerry and Obama have both indicated that it is a terrorist eradication program not war. Obama is so afraid of the word WAR. He campaigned to be elected on getting out of Iraq. He did get out when he should have left a residual military force to train Iraqi troops. Now we have to go back and he is so afraid this will affect his legacy. To most Americans his legacy is shot to hell already. His Presidential Library should be put up in a garbage dump in the middle of nowhere if one is ever built. Why would Americans want to spend millions to honor him?
Kerry can't get anyone to help us in our fight against ISIS because no one trusts Obama. He played his red line in the sand in Syria and then wimped out. We should have the Saudi government play for the bombs we are dropping and our war costs. If not they might be the next target of ISIS. Most military generals don't think the "no boots on the ground" policy is going to work. Obama thinks it will be Kurdish and Iraqi boots on the ground but it is going to take more than that. We have more than 1000 troops in Iraq so boots are already on the ground. Their rules of engagement don't allow them outside of their camps however. How dumb is that? If you are going to advise Iraqi and Kurdish units you need to be where they are. So it looks like Obama's plan will go down the toilet or the plan will change.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I know tonight Obama is going to give a speech telling us what he is going to do about ISIS. This after not long ago saying he didn't have a plan. He didn't but the military probably had several plans written about what to do. He just had to okay them. I really don't care what he says tonight I am with the 58% of Americans who say they don't feel safety for the nation with Obama at the helm. He is a political hack who doesn't know a thing about foreign policy. He came in saying he was going to get out of Iraq and that was all he cared about. He didn't care about the consequences which he caused by not leaving some U.S. military there to train and support Iraqi troops. He doesn't want to be a "war President". So he has done everything possible to ignore the threat to our nation and citizens. Now public opinion has forced him to deal with this situation. I know he is a silver tongued devil when he has his teleprompters but does he believe the BS he is going to put out or do Americans believe it? Here we are the day before 9/11 and I guess he doesn't understand that it could happen again. So get your head out of your tush and face reality Obama. Your primary job is to protect this country. You have not enforced border and immigration laws which is a threat to the country. You have waffled on things when you drew a red line in the sand. So our enemy know that you don't have a backbone. I guess the American people are going to force you into whatever action you are going to take.

Monday, September 8, 2014


I guess there are a couple of solutions to the jailed Marines situation. One we can boycott Mexican products. Or two a Marine division can cross the border and rescue him. I vote for the later. It would be great to see an invasion from the North into Mexico especially Marines with helicopter gunships, tanks, armored personnel carriers and lots of Marine boots on the ground. Obama so disrespects the military that he won't even mention the subject to the President of Mexico. Can you say Chicken Shit?  Obama is afraid of the rest of the world so I guess that goes for Mexico too. It is okay for thousands of Mexicans to cross into our country illegally but one Marine crosses by accident and nothing is said.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


Obama why do you want to poke the bear. You told us recently that you didn't have a plan to deal with ISIS. I am sure the military has a plan all you have to do is approve it. Now you want to come out the day before 9/11 anniversary and tell ISIS how you are going to deal with them. This might be a giant mistake in judgement of which you have none. Why don't you wait until after 9/11 or a few days later to come out with your "big plan". Why do you need to tell them your big plan anyway - JUST DO IT.


All summer the indications were that Obama was going to use executive orders to change our immigration policies. He was supposedly going to come back from his vacation for two days to do that. Well Democrats are scared that if he does it they will lose the Senate. So Obama comes out and says I will do this after the election after explaining it more to the public. With Obama it is all politics and no reasoning. This sucker doesn't have common sense in his vocabulary. I have to laugh now the organizations and people who want immigration amnesty are now pissed at Obama and the Democrats. Finally these people woke up and figured out they were being used by the Democrats as political pawns. Of course Obama blames the Republicans for this not happening. Remember he was President and for two years the Democrats held both houses of Congress and they did nothing then. This is a lame duck president. Actually he was a lame duck from the start of his presidency. We will have eight years that the country has gone no where but down. I hope in 2016 we get a president that will lift us up. And that ain't Hillary.