Thursday, July 24, 2014


Apparently Putin is looking for a showdown with the USA. His latest trick is artillery from Russia firing at Ukranian forces. These are not the Pro Russian partisans this is Russian troops. I guess Putin figured he shot down an airliner and nothing happened so why not move ahead. The European countries are cowards being afraid to confront Putin because he might turn off their gas and oil. Hey there is gas and oil in other parts of the world. He would only be cutting his own throat if he did that. Putin is still intent on taking back former Soviet Union lands. Obama doesn't have the balls to do anything about it so who is going to stop Putin? The Soviets and Chinese are building up their militaries and the US is downsizing. Dumb Huh? Just wait til the bullets start flying. Obama just is not engaged in anything but fundraising. Wake up America.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I guess the only place Obama feels comfortable is fundraising. He sure isn't doing much of a job as President. Has he checked out on his second term? Is he tired of the job? Can he do his job? All good questions. He sure isn't providing any leadership to the United States or to the World. Putin has him shaking in his boots apparently. We have a community organizer against a KGB Colonel who do you think is more ruthless? There is scandal after scandal on Obama's watch and he can't explain any of them. He also holds no one responsible when there is wrong doing. A Do Nothing President is what we have. He caused the immigration problem on the borders but won't do anything but ask for billions of dollars. The IRS scandal must go to the White House since they are spending so much time trying to hide the emails. Obama only can play golf, and do fundraisers. Why doesn't he resign and let someone else be President who can do the job.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Has there ever been a time when the world was so screwed up? I guess WWI and WWII might qualify. But right now there is more tragic things happening in so many parts of the world. In Iraq ISSIS is taking over. Syria government and rebels fighting. Israel and Hamas are battling. In Africa terrorist are kidnapping girls, killing boys / families and burning towns and villages. Muslim terrorist are in N. Africa, Yemen, Philippines, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other places. China is trying to take over some islands for their possible oil. Japan, S. Korea and Taiwan also claim islands. The North Korean leader is a nut ball and shots at S. Korea. We have the Ukraine and pro Russian terrorist shooting down airliners. The US border is an open door for illegals including terrorists and gang members. Chicago is no better than some third world countries on its murder rate. Even Lexington KY has had a rash of shootings and murders. I guess N. Zealand, Australia and some of the islands are the only peaceful places right now. Maybe this is how the world ends in chaos. It is sure going to hell in a hand basket. We need some leadership in this world to right it. It won't come from the impotent United Nations. What crisis hits next?

Sunday, July 20, 2014


I guess Putin got what he wanted. That is Pro Russian rebels doing something dramatic. What did he think they were going to do with the missiles he supplied to them shoot birds out of the sky. Yes their targets were Ukranian planes but being unskilled they ended up bringing down the airliner and almost 300 souls. Yes Putin the blood is on your hands. You are supplying the rebels with arms and many of them are actually Russian troops. We all know you are a brutal thug yourself. Now you have really shown the world what you are made of. I hope the world condemns you and the World Court brings you up on charges. You deserve it. Now why don't you call off your Pro Russian dogs and let the crash investigators in. The bodies are decomposing because of you. Bring some dignity to these people now. The world has enough evidence of what you have done they don't need the black boxes.

Friday, July 18, 2014


Yes President Putin of Russia is the reason that 300 people were murdered when a Malaysian airliner was shot down over Ukraine. Putin is trying to bring back the glory of the Soviet Union by taking over former provinces. He has already taken over Crimea a part of the Ukraine. He is providing weapons, expertise and soldiers to the pro Russian forces. They ended up with a ground to air missile system which shot down this airliner. Putin should be brought before the World Court for his actions. Passengers from a number of companies were on the airliner and the world should be outraged by Russian actions.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Attorney General Eric Holder now has said that Obama is being treated differently than any other President because of race. Bull Crap. Obama is being coddled by the press because he is black. If he was white they would be all over him. Obama is being treated differently by Americans because he is the most inept President we have ever had. It doesn't matter what color he is. He shows no leadership and can't handle the job. Eric Holder is a dull tool of Obama's. Any other Attorney General who didn't do his job like he has would have been fired or resigned. Eric Holder flaunts the laws of this country and won't do his job which includes investigating the scandals of the Obama Administration. Holder was involved in fast and furious gun sales. Neither he nor Obama ever knows anything that is going on until they read it in the newspaper. We have the IRS scandal. I bet the Justice Dept or FBI has people who can find out where the missing emails of Lois Lerner are. Both Obama and Holder need to go. When Obama can't figure out how to get out of a jam they turn to the race card to intimidate people.

Saturday, July 12, 2014


Who is the dumb ass that came up with the idea of reducing the officer corp? They claim it is because of sequestration. But why would you tell a Captain or Major oh when you are finished in Afghanistan you are fired? What do you think it does to their morale and of those around them? You see your fellow officers being cut and you wonder about your job. You are cut and then have to worry about what do I do next to support my family. All this when you are fighting a war. It has got to play with your head and could put you and your troops in harms way. At the very least wait until they are back in the USA and they can do something about starting a new way of life. This is just how Obama thinks about the military: they are disposable. Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense has provided no leadership in this whole affair. He is just an Obama Yes Man like a little puppy waiting for a handout. I hope that American business will step up and hire these officers. They have leadership skills that most Americans don't have. They have done something with their lives not just talked about it. They have gone thru all kinds of situations including life threatening ones. The White House and Hagel have shown their dislike for the military in every way they can. Now this is the final slap in the face.