Friday, November 21, 2014


The big question is what will Obama do when he is out of office. Since his father is from Kenya maybe he will go back to the homeland. If he is willing to do that then I will buy him some goats to herd. Goats kinda go where they want and do what they want a lot like Obama. Or he could go back to Chicago the political cesspool of America. His old pal Rahm Emanuel is Mayor so he would be saluted as the returning hero by the entitled crowds of Chicago. Now he might be welcomed in Mexico where he could live with his adoring fans of his immigration policies. Wait we forgot Beverly Hills where Gweneth Palthrow loves him as her saint. Hollywood would embrace him. They would probably contribute enough money to allow him to live like the Emperor he always wanted to be. So see Obama has so many options once he leaves office.

Now Michelle has options too. She could become a cafeteria lady and hand out healthy and uneaten food to all the kids. Or she could open an organic farm to produce healthy veggies for the masses. She definitely won't be going in the fashion industry.

Good Luck to the Obama's. You are welcome to start your new life now instead of waiting two more years.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


If Obama signs an Executive Order on Immigration the American people should do a mass march on Washington D.C. Obama himself has said that this act was illegal under the Constitution. But why would that stop a "Constitutional Professor". It is just another illegal act that Obama will do against the American people. Yes the illegals will be happy and dancing in the streets. So why shouldn't Americans opposed to this illegal act also demonstrate in the streets. Why not shut down Washington D.C. with protestors? Hopefully the Republicans and Congress will go to court to overrule this illegal action.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Obama at one time said he was not Emperor of the United States and could not declare amnesty. Apparently someone died and made him Emperor because he intends to declare Executive Action Amnesty on Immigration. He is set to go around the country and try to sell this crap to the public. I hear he will start in Las Vegas. Odds are they won't like amnesty anymore than the rest of the country. Obama just doesn't get it Americans do not want his brand of amnesty. I hear in Honduras they are telling people hurry and get across the border as amnesty is coming and you want to be there before then. Maybe we better move the National Guard to the border rather than Ferguson, Missouri.
Our only hope is that in 2016 a Republican becomes President and does away with the Executive Order or Congress defunds everything they can that Obama wants or has done. Box him in financially.


If you are taking a plane trip don't forget your camera. If you score a window seat there are some great photos that you can take depending on the weather. Yes you are flying at maybe 33,000 ft but photos even with a point and shoot camera can come out well. Just watch out for window scratches and reflections when you photo.

This is a photo taken over some farmland. I have taken them on take off and landing too. Mountain photos or farmland patches can give some great shots too. Give it a try.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Every time you look around the government is declaring some animal, bird, fish or insect an endangered species. In many cases this causes people economic hardship as they are not allowed to do something because of possible hard to the endangered species. There was a recent case where a grouse is being declared endangered and its terrain is almost the entire state of Wyoming. If you really want an endangered species try working, tax paying Americans. Right now less than half of the population is supporting the other half. There was a news item today that the Mayor of New York City was going to cancel a program that had people on welfare who were capable of working, working on city project in order to get welfare. I guess he just wants to give them the money and make them another person who feels entitled to the government supporting them. That is the problem with the United States now. Too many welfare entitlements make people dependent on the government instead of on their selves. Yes there are people who need welfare. But there are too many who don't need welfare on the system. It won't be long til less than half the country is supporting more than half the country. What do we do then?

Thursday, November 13, 2014


Despite what the people of the United States want Obama is thinking about issuing a 10 point Executive Order on Immigration. This despite not having enforced immigration policies and laws already on the books. If he issues this Executive Order he will be declaring war on all Americans and they might just declare War on him. This will seal his fate was the worst President in the history of this country. Immigration should be handled by Congress and the President not just the President. This goes against everything in the Constitution. This coming from a supposed Constitutional professor. Maybe that is as fake as the rest of him. Obama might just be the Manchurian Candidate. A person planted in this country to go against everything this country stands for. Republicans and the Congress in general should do everything possible to prevent this. If Obama signs it then they should work to reverse everything he has done. We should fight him as hard as we fought Usama bin Laden.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


You see ads on tv about great organizations from veterans groups to children's hospitals. You probably also receive phone calls asking for donations or letters in the mail. But do you wonder how much money the charities actually get from these sources. Most of them pay someone to call you, or send you a letter. So they make money doing it. I have seen reports that say many charities get pennies on the dollars of your donation. I might give more money to a charity if I knew if a majority of the money was going to the charity. Second check out how much money some of the administrations / CEOs of these charities make per year. Some of them make ridiculous salaries. After these costs how much goes to the veterans care or the research for a disease? I think if you check you will be surprised and in some cases outraged at where your money is going.