Saturday, February 6, 2016


Do you know why college kids are for Bernie Sanders? He promised them free college tuition. Duh I wonder how he thinks he would pay for that? I guess he could raise taxes like he said he would. I suppose he could double normal Americans taxes to pay for college tuition. Kids there are no free lunches. Do you actually think getting free tuition is going to happen? No way Jose. How would he get that thru the Congress? Bernie is a socialist like the leaders of Russia and Cuba. So you are going to college to get good jobs. In a socialist nation that might not be possible since everyone is equal. I know it sounds good to a dumb college student who knows nothing about how the world works. We are a capitalistic nation. If were had been socialist we would be in the shitter like Russia and Cuba is now. I don't care if you vote for Bernie over Hillary but don't expect to win the Presidency.


I guess the losers are getting desperate. Now Christie and Bush have turned their ugly sights on Rubio. I always thought that Christie was a good candidate and stuck to the issues and didn't go after his opponents like other candidates. I guess that is not true when you are losing. Jeb has been a loser from the get go and is so desperate for some traction. He and Rubio were friends in Florida but Jeb has turned on Rubio early in the game. Both Christie and Jeb are finished after New Hampshire. They might do ok in the Cabinet but not as Presidential candidates. So fold your tents boys and head home your slaps at Rubio are not working.


In Kentucky college tuitions continue to go up and up. Sometimes double digits in a school year. The faculty and other workers have  not received big raises over the years. But the coaches salaries are out of this world. Plus the number of coaches has grown. John Calipari the basketball coach makes $3.8 million salary and with other things and endorsements about $5 million. I have seen some salaries for assistant coaches: $275,000, $166,425, $350,000, $300,000 and $165,000. That might not be all the men's basketball salaries. The womens basketball coach makes $575,000 plus more for endorsements. Assistants makes $185,000, $155,000 and $115,000 that I can find. Then we have the losing KY football coach Stoops. He makes $2.3 million plus he has added a coach for everything. I swear there is a Gatorade Coach. I wonder how much those assistants make. We haven't even touched tennis, baseball, track, gymnastics, cheer leaders and other coaches. It seems ridiculous to pay this many coaches this amount of money and doing it on the back of students. Where is the end to this madness? All this money for coaches who have not had a winning football season in a long time. Then when someone is fired they pay them millions to leave.

It is just like major league owners paying players $100 million for a contract. These salaries are so out of shape with average American salaries. Now you know why a major sport ticket costs so much and why you pay $15 for a beer or a hot dog. Maybe if fans stops paying the prices things would change. This is what is wrong with colleges and the cost of college.


It looks like we know who is playing dirty politics: Ted Cruz. From his false voting office letters to Iowa voters to his supporters falsely saying that Dr Ben Carson was out of the Iowa race. I guess Cruz will do anything to win. Actually he gives me the creeps seeing him. He looks like a slick haired used car salesman or someone who might be brought up on porn charges. I really don't care where he was born and I don't think it matters. While Donald Trump throws out mean words and demeans people I don't think he has gone as low as Cruz. So Ted you better get your act together or you will be on your way out the door. There are not enough evangelicals to save you. I really am not sure why evangelicals are supporting him anyway but what ever.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Obama was in Baltimore at a mosque yesterday. Too bad he chose this particular mosque which had been under FBI surveillance and has been accused of assisting terrorist. He will go to a Muslim temple but you never see him at a Christian church doing a similar event. I wonder if they made him a Muslim Imam while he was there. That can be his next career after leaving the White House.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


Yes day by day Hillary is digging a bigger hole for herself. Even the State Department admitted that 17 emails on her server as so classified that they can't release them. Then there are emails between her and Obama that can't be released til Obama's records are released years from now. I don't know why Hillary keeps insisting she did nothing wrong. The FBI and Congress think otherwise. Now we just need an indictment to start the court proceedings. It needs to happen soon.

Friday, January 29, 2016


Last night at the Republican candidate debates Donald Trump failed to show up. He apparently was afraid of questions from Megyn Kelly. So Chicken Donald staged another event. I guess he couldn't take the heat. If he can't answer Megyn Kelly how is he going to react to voter, Congress and international questions and pressure. Donald was the BIGGEST LOSER last night. He thinks he can do whatever he wants and no one cares. The voters do and I hope that they don't vote for him in the caucus on Monday. That might knock him down a peg or two. That would be HUGE.