Friday, October 31, 2014


Yes it is that time of year again. The ghost, goblins and girl from Frozen will be at your door step with their bags open waiting for trick or treat candy. I don't know about your town but it is going to be wet and possible snow flurries in Central Kentucky. This is about a month early for snow flurries in our area.

I remember one year while stationed at Ellsworth Air Force Base near Rapid City, South Dakota. My daughters went trick or treating on base. Within 15 minutes of them leaving a white out snow storm hit. There had been no weather prediction of such an event. So I went out in the blinding snow to find my daughters who in costumes were even harder to find. I found them but they were having a great time in the snow trick or treating. Kids don't care what the weather is.

Every year Halloween becomes a bigger and bigger holiday. Adults are into it with both feet. There are lots of Halloween parties just for adults. People spend more and more money on Halloween themed items which makes the retailers happy.

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Three out of the past five years the San Francisco Giants have won the baseball World Series. They did it again last night against the Kansas City Royals. History says the home team wins a 7th game but the Giants blew that myth out of the water. What a wild game and a great pitching performance by Bumgardner. I look forward to another great year in 2015.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Alison couldn't tell the truth if it came up and bit her. Her ads have been the least truthful of all the campaign aids around the country. She is the Number One Liar. She will say and do anything but if elected would be an Obama puppet. She hasn't been much of a Secretary of State in Kentucky. When does she work for her $117,000 salary. She is as absent as Jimmy Hoffa. She tries to work off her fathers name Lundegram which has also been involved in dirty politics and even taken to court. She is getting lots of Obama money to run ads but the ads are not truthful. Lots of money spent that could be used for other things. McConnell as Head of the Senate could do a lot for Kentucky. Alison as a Junior Senator would have no clout and couldn't do dittily squat. She is a liberal Democrat who has supported Obama's war on Kentucky. If you elect her you are going to get what you deserve lost jobs in Kentucky. She tried to say that McConnell had a war on women. But the women of the Commonwealth have pushed back on that. So what is her next dirty scheme or ad? Get over it Alison your days are numbered. Vote McConnell on Tuesday for Kentucky and against Obama and Grimes. Do it for America.


A White House person recently said that the Israeli Prime Minister was chicken of war. They must have been looking in a mirror because the chicken s___ lives in the Oval Office. Israel has gone to war many times to defend themselves. They have fought for the right to exist as a country. Obama is afraid politically to fight ISIS. I guess he thinks people won't vote for Democrats if he does. He has pulled out of Iraq and now has almost lost the country to terrorist. He is pulling out of Afghanistan and the Taliban will probably take over there. So who doesn't understand war and the need for it when required? It certainly is Obama. How many times does the United States have to be embarrassed by the White House offending our allies? That person should be fired on the spot. Our allies don't trust Obama nor do most of the people of the United States. Check the polls which seem to guide this White House. But no matter what the polls say Obama is always behind the power curve. Not a leader, definitely a slow follower.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


It seems like each season that the Survivor reality TV show gets softer and softer. Participants use to hunt for their food, eat grubs, search for sea snails and fished. Now they seem to rely on the rice and beans given to them. This season one tribe ate quite well and ran out of rice. Now they are negotiating for more rice. What a pansy operation. The real survivors were the early shows where they got water out of ponds with elephant dung around it. Maybe they couldn't find real survivors so now they have wannabee survivors applying for the show. I would rather not have celebrities and blood relatives playing the game too. Let's get people who really want to be survivors on the show.


One more game and the San Francisco Giants are the World Series Champs. They can put down Kansas City Tonight. Too bad it won't happen in San Francisco. GO GIANTS


According to some in Congress Obama may have plans to bring ebola patients to the USA. Now how stupid is that. He said in September that the best way to handle it is to keep ebola in Africa. The Obama administration has made a complete mess out of the ebola crisis in the U.S. The CDC messed up when the first patient went into the Dallas hospital and eventually two nurses caught it. Now when Gov. Christie takes executive action and mandates 21 day quarantine of people who come from W. Africa and are sick Obama disagrees. But he doesn't have a policy. The military is going to quarantine troops coming back from Africa for 21 days in Italy. Don't you know the Italians love that. The left and the right hand don't know what is going on. This morning on Today Show Matt Lauer played politics with Gov Christie. over his orders on ebola. Matt you are a douche bag. Obama is always behind on everything that happens in the USA. He isn't a leader he is a follower. He waits for the crisis and then looks at the polls to try and figure out what  to do that is politically his advantage. Douche bag #2 lives in the Oval Office.