Monday, November 16, 2009


I recently posted a photo from Takhli RTAFB, Thailand on flickr. As a result I had a comment about whether I belonged to the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing yahoogroup. I didn't and didn't even know about the website. So I checked it out and joined the yahoogroup. As a result one of my buddies from Takhli contacted me and we exchanged some emails and photos. We started talking about others were stationed with and I did a search and found an additional one of our group. More emails and more photos. As a result George Fox and Ron Harvey and I are now back in contact after 39 years. We were stationed in Thailand in 1970. Amazing what you can do on the internet and connections you can make that might not have happened without it. I closed the base and then it reopened about 2 years later with F-111 aircraft.The 355TFW flew F-105 and EB/RB-66 aircraft mainly strikes over North Vietnam. So to all the guys and gals who served at Takhli RTAFB a big HELLO and WELL DONE.

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