Saturday, February 19, 2011


It seems like these days when you go to buy something it is never made in America. Shoes from Korea, shirts from Sri Lanka, and toys from China. Is there much made in America anymore? There is a website that identifes products by type made in America. Just surfing through here are some items still made in America.

Louisville Slugger Bats
Buddy Jeans
AllUSA Clothing
Diamond Gusset Brand jeans
Pointer brand jeans
Texas jeans
Remington Arms
Charter Arms
Amish products
Smith & Wesson (it looks like we are good at producing guns)
Henry Rifle
Sweet Pea Linen
Case & Son Cutlery
Harley Davidson
Victory motorcycles
Chippewa boots
Liberty safes
Simple Green cleaning products
Garrett metal detectors
Staber washing machines

Do you know products that are made in your town, state or in the USA? Actually there are reports that some manufacturers are returning products to the USA to be made because of production problems in other countries. Example lead and other contaminants in wall board and other products made in China. I try to buy USA when I can find an item. But many times there isn't a product of that type being made in this country.

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