Saturday, April 16, 2011


Between Obama and Beiden they don't seem to know when to speak and when to be quiet. Both have been caught saying inappropriate things with the microphone on. Obama was being a blow hard to political contributors telling them how he handled the Republicans. This after he has talked about being more civil to each other and how they worked together on the debt deal. The recent Obama speech in the afternoon at George Washington University appeared to have been completely a political speech for his reelection. If he was wanting to give a serious speech it would have been broadcast in the evening and not before students. The poor students are already bombarded by liberal leaning professors they don't need a liberal leaing President to come give them a speech too. I love it when the President (I use the term loosely) and the Vice President (used even looser) get caught with their feet in their mouths. With Beiden it is a regular happening. Did you see Biden asleep while the Prez was giving his speech on the debt? The speech was long on silver tongued gobbly gook and short on specifics. Do you really think he is serious about cutting expenses and solving the debt problem? His solution to everything is raise taxes. Here we are with $4 gas prices and he has no energy program and won't let us drill for oil but will give loans to Brazil in the billions to drill for oil there. He wants to rely on solar and wind power. There is enough wind power in Washington DC to turn lots of turbines - let's build a wind farm outside the White House and Congress. We could power several states. I hope the voters are not stupid enough to reelect Obama for a 2nd term. If they do this country will go to Hell in a hand basket. It is already headed that way and someone else being elected might help right the ship.

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