Monday, May 30, 2011


I have always loved the lore of Route 66. I have been on most of the road a number of times. I have missed the area from Chicago to Oklahoma City. Route 66 was the main road (some call it the Mother Road) to go from East to West for over 60 years. It was taken over in many places by the interstates but there is still lots of Rt. 66 pavement and attractions left. Rt 66 ran for about 2400 miles thru seven states. In its prime time it went thru small towns, with little motels / tourist courts, with cafes, and lots of neon signs. There were attractions all along the way from caves, Blue Whales, Cadillac Ranch, Indian trading posts and other things. It sparked the TV series Route 66 where two guys in a Corvette had adventures along the highway. It also had a theme song " Get your Kicks on Route 66". One of my trips was in a 66 VW Bug with a pregnant wife and no air conditioning. We ended up in Las Vegas one morning about 8AM in a casino eating breakfast. My wife hit a $25.00 jackpot and that paid for all of the gas for the trip. Bet you can't do that today. My wife has a newer VW bug with air conditioning and she is not pregnant. So we are thinking about taking a trip on Route 66 to relive the olden days.

The above photos are of the Wig Wam Motel in Holbrook AZ, there is also one in CA and one near Mammouth Cave KY. There is also a Rt 66 highway sign and another photo of the signs you would see for miles before coming to Jack Rabbit Arizona, an Indian trading post. Sorry I guess I am not politically correct or I would have said Native American trading post.

If you want to get your kicks consider a trip along Rt 66.

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