Wednesday, April 11, 2012


As General McArthur said at his retirement " old soldiers never die they just fade away." My father, a Chief Warrant Officer just faded away yesterday. A World War II and Korean War veterans plus he was retired U.S. Army. His generation is fading fast. This was a generation that survived the depresssion, hard times and WWII. My dad entered the war in North Africa, then thru Scicily on to Mainland Italy, France, Germany and finally victory in Europe. He then served two tours in Korea during that War. He was 96 years old. He had his last birthday two months ago. At that time he told me he was going to live to be 100. As we say " he was a tough old bird". Despite numerous falls he never broke a bone. He told us it was because he liked milk. He will be missed by the family but we are lucky to have had him in our lives all these years. We can all learn something from the "Greatest Generation".

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