Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Every time I see that broad I get sick. She struts across the stage at the Oscars like she is some body. She should be in jail for treason for her Hanoi Jane antics during Vietnam War. As I have expressed before she is the most hated woman in America to military people from the Vietnam era. In March, it will be 40 years ago that the POWs from the Hanoi Hilton POW Camp were released. Many of them suffered severe brutality because of Jane Fonda's visit to North Vietnam while the war was going on. Prisoners tried to slip her pieces of paper with their names and serial no.s on them so that she could let their families know that they were alive. What does she do she hands the pieces of papers to the camp commanders. Needless to say the POWs were beaten, starved and some died as a result of her actions. Nothing can make up for that. A further slap in the face was recently discussed. Some producer wanted Hanoi Jane to play Nancy Reagan in a movie. NO WAY JOSE. There was an uproar in the military community and I have heard nothing more about that. Recently in another article her ex husbands Ted Turners son said his dad became more radical because of his marriage to her. I guess everything she touches turns to S___T.

Oh by the way the Hall of Shame should be erected in a garbage dump somewhere in the middle of no where.

UPDATE: Jane Fonda runs a charity that has not given any money out for 5 or 6 years. The IRS is looking at pulling her non profit status. Another example of what an ass she is.

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