Thursday, August 21, 2014


We have terrorist and then we have ISIS. They are the worst of the worse. They have done atrocities in Syria and Iraq. They only yesterday beheaded an American journalist and they hold other Americans and other nationality hostages. ISIS has attracted a following of people from other countries who are as criminal, evil and insane as they are. These fanatics don't care if they die so killing someone else is no big deal. The only way to stop them is to kill them all. Supposidly ISIS has weapons depots in Syria. The United States and other countries need to take out these depots and other facilities and equipment which supports ISIS. There should be no boundry lines in how far we go to destroy these devils. They are not doing this in the name of any religion. They are killing people of all religions including Muslims. We should go after the head of the snake, track him down and kill him and the other leaders. Our bombing is making an impact on ISIS and we need to do much more of it to help Kurdish and Iraqi troops take back the towns and land that ISIS has seized. We need to provide these same forces with weapons equal to what ISIS has. If we don't stop them where they are now we will be fighting them closer to home.

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