Thursday, February 12, 2015


Have you ever looked at Al Sharpton carefully? His head looks like something the pigmies took and shrunk. I know Al was a big fat guy at one time. He is much smaller now but his head sure looks CroMagnum. Al of course is Barack Barry Obama's favorite go to guy. Barry wouldn't make a move without advice from Al. Al has made more than 70 visits to the White House. More than all the Congressional leaders combined. I wonder what they talk about; basketball, white people or how they can screw the taxpayers? Al should be in jail for tax evasion and failure to pay taxes. He owes millions but he must be off limits to the IRS. I wonder if Barack told them to treat his pal nice. Meanwhile other people are getting the radical treatment from the IRS for owing less money or in many cases they don't even owe taxes and the IRS grabs their bank accounts. So much for a just government.

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