Wednesday, April 1, 2015


It looks like Obama has done more to destroy America than all the other Presidents combined. The historic American way of life is in the toilet. Yes terrorist destroyed the World Trade Center but Obama is taking America apart piece by piece. Example. Now he wants to reduce carbon emissions in the USA by 25% over the next 10 years. But China doesn't even have to start reducing til 2035. So that means Americans will be paying more for electricity and for things that are manufactured that require large amounts of electric power. He has already destroyed the coal industry and the lives of miners. He is destroying the countries military forces. They will be to the level of WWI or WWII shortly. That despite threats from Russia, North Korea, ISIS and possibly Iran. He is negotiating from a position of weakness with Iran over their getting nuclear weapons. Our healthcare system is in big trouble because of Obamacare. People who use to have full time jobs now have part time jobs if they are lucky at a reduced pay. You name it in every aspect of American life Obama is leaving his mark and it is not a good mark. I hope that his legacy is one of neglect by not doing the duties of the Presidency.

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