Thursday, April 23, 2015


America or the United States is an exceptional place in the world. Look at all the people who do incredible things to get here. They cross oceans, deserts and go thru all kinds of hard ships just to cross its borders. Some legally and others illegally. Obama has taken much of the pride and the shine out of America. He tries to say that America is not exceptional. He has tried to put us on an equal plane with third world countries. Yes I think Americans would love to see other countries prosper and raise their people up. But you don't do it by knocking Americans down which is Obama's theory. We have had great leaders like Ronald Reagan who pumped up the pride in America. He called us a shining city on the hill to the world. Obama has no thoughts in that direction. He would rather have everyone beholding to the government rather than Americans stand on their own two feet. America is a Christian nation yet Obama has tried to downplay that. He goes to National Prayer Breakfasts and says what terrible things Christians have done in the name of God. All races and religions are accepted in America. Unlike other countries where if you are not a Muslim and a Muslim of the right sect then you should be killed. No one in this country advocates that. Iran leader shouts "Death to America" and Obama tolerates him. We should not be negotiating with anyone advocating death to America, Jews or anyone else. Obama is negotiating from a position of weakness not strength. Apparently he wants an agreement with Iran and opening up Cuba to be his legacy. Sorry Barack your legacy is in the garbage pile of history and there is no way to salvage it. Just finish your term and get the hell out of the White House. You have done more harm to the United States than any President in its history.

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