Thursday, July 16, 2015


Today is just another day in the White House. Four Marines were killed in Chattanooga TN today by an ISIS supporter. But I am sure nothing will be done to avenge this attack. We have a yellow belly coward in the White House. Either that or a Muslim who doesn't want to go against his own kind. We have the military that can stop ISIS but the supposed Commander in Chief (CIC) is weak and not a leader. He does not deserve the title of CIC. He has allowed thousands of people in the Middle East to be slaughtered by ISIS and has done almost nothing. Now he is making deals with Iran who is responsible for killing many Americans. Who does that? The President is responsible for national defense. He hasn't done it on the Mexican border, he hasn't done it in the Middle East and he is not protecting Americans. He is not upholding the oath of office and maybe he should resign. Of course he won't do that. He is just biding time til his term is up in January 2017. He will leave a mess for the next President to worry about. By then how many Americans will be killed by ISIS supporters? OBAMA DO YOUR JOB.

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