Tuesday, September 8, 2015


Europe is suffering the crisis but it was started by Obama. If Obama had listened to his generals and left US troops in Iraq longer, ISIS and this refugee crisis would not have happened. The US pull out caused a vacuum and that vacuum was filled by ISIS. This in turn caused the initial surge of refugees to Jordan. Now the refugees are trying to get into European countries by sea, land and air. The interesting thing is you see no Arab countries taking any of these refugees. Germany, Hungary and other countries will regret the day that they accept the refugees. Already in Italy and old lady was car jacked by refugees trying to get to Germany. Others are shouting their jihadist sayings. How will Europe know who these folks are? There are probably ISIS in the groups and they will just start attacking in the countries they end up in. I hope the US stays out of it and doesn't allow additional refugees into this country. Obama started it but we should be smart enough to stay out of it.

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