Sunday, November 22, 2015


Starting at the University of Missouri and spreading some college students, many of them black, think they can dictate who runs the campus. Missouri made a mistake and letting them think that they can run a college president and chancellor out. Now they want to select the new administrators. At Princeton University a black group of 35 students want the name of President Woodrow Wilson stricken from a campus building and a mural removed. They say he was racist. Folks get over it. This is the history of the United States for better or worse. You don't just wipe out history like that. I realize the liberals and the Freedom from Religion Foundation plus the ACLU would like to do this. The government and liberal education groups already are trying to write our history out of text books. This little protest by a minority of students is spreading to other campuses like Ithaca in New York. Kids do you remember Kent State. Don't get too militant or the same can happen to you.

Some colleges want "safe zones". What you really want is to allow people free speech which is guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. You act like you are inventing something new. Nope it has been around for years. What do you want Speakers Corner in Hyde Park where anyone can say anything about anyone. It was already invented by the British. Just chill and do your college work. Many of you will never graduate anyway. So study and graduate and knock off the silly shit.

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