Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Daily Obama shows himself to be mentally out of touch with this country. He lives in a fog where he isn't responsible for anything and his way is the only way. He has competent advisors why doesn't he listen to them in particular his military? Obama has a major job task of protecting the United States. He doesn't seem to realize it. He wants to take in thousands of Syrian refugees who probably won't be properly vetted and amongst whom there will probably be terrorist. Why take the chance? Yes we know that you think that you are this compassionate guy. Oh he won the Nobel Peace Prize for nothing. It is like showing up at a pee wee football game and getting a trophy and sitting on the bench the whole time. The award was not deserved. He seems to show his background in the Muslim schools of Indonesia and his fathers religion. He won't even label the enemy for what they are. He would probably call Nazi's, misdirected Germans. Viet Cong were farmers in pajamas. To be so "smart" as he is suppose to be academically he doesn't understand the Constitution. Or if he understands it doesn't respect it. By his illegal Executive Orders you see that he is going around the check and balance systems set up in this country.  He is like a little boy who says they won't do what I tell them so I will just go around them. Maybe we need some professional mental health staff to check him out.

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