Thursday, November 19, 2015


The majority of Americans do not want 100,000 Syrian refugees brought into this country. The big reason is there is no real way to vet them. Even the FBI says that is true. Who are these people? Their country is in turmoil, there is no paper trail as to who they are and where they are from. Are they true refugees or terrorist in refugee clothing? France found out that at least one of their attackers came in as a refugee. The majority of state Governors don't want refugees in their states. The federal government won't even tell states that refugees are coming, their names or nothing. WHY???? I thought the Obama administration was going to be so transparent. It is probably one of the least transparent administrations in our country's history. Obama is in charge of national security. A task he doesn't take seriously. He doesn't enforce our borders. He won't let the Border Patrol and Immigration officials do their jobs. Yep he will gamble with our national security. Obama is the true Manchurian Candidate. He grew up a Muslim and who is to say he wasn't groomed to get into the government and then reek havoc? Who knows for sure? You can call it a conspiracy theory but hey it is as good an answer as to why Obama is the way he is as any other theory. If you oppose Syrian refugees call or email the White House and your Congressional people. If you can't take time to do that then you deserve a Syrian refugee in your backyard.

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