Thursday, January 7, 2016


Didn't it just do your heart well to see a tear in Obama's eye at his latest press conference. He played to the audience but I don't think he was sincere. He wanted to beat up on guns and to tell us his executive action will stop gun violence. B.S. The people who have caused these mass shootings got their guns legally but were mentally ill. His new executive order is only window dressing to make you think something new will happen. He wants $500 million for mental illness. Yes agree we need more mental facilities so why doesn't he reduce his projects by $500 million to do it not add to the national debt to do it. Everytime Obama talks the gun sales increase. He is the top gun salesman of the year. He is all talk and no action. Look at his old stomping grounds Chicago. Tough gun laws but lots of murders? WHY?  We have gun laws on the books and they are not enforced by his administration. Judges slap people on the wrist who use guns instead of locking them up. He leads by example alright. An example of don't enforce the law and don't do your job. So boo hoo all you want Obama it is fake.

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