Saturday, February 6, 2016


Do you know why college kids are for Bernie Sanders? He promised them free college tuition. Duh I wonder how he thinks he would pay for that? I guess he could raise taxes like he said he would. I suppose he could double normal Americans taxes to pay for college tuition. Kids there are no free lunches. Do you actually think getting free tuition is going to happen? No way Jose. How would he get that thru the Congress? Bernie is a socialist like the leaders of Russia and Cuba. So you are going to college to get good jobs. In a socialist nation that might not be possible since everyone is equal. I know it sounds good to a dumb college student who knows nothing about how the world works. We are a capitalistic nation. If were had been socialist we would be in the shitter like Russia and Cuba is now. I don't care if you vote for Bernie over Hillary but don't expect to win the Presidency.

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