Sunday, February 14, 2016


I watched the latest Republican Presidential debate. Trump was his usual rude and crude self. He is so arrogant. He interrupts everyone and has been the one throwing out the negativity in the contest. I can just see a big hot air balloon in the shape of Trump floating around the country. Bag of hot air is what he seems to be. He gives no specifics. Talk about robotic talking points. It isn't Rubio but Trump who has done that the most. His wall, paid for by Mexico. I will make better deals with China, Mexico and Japan. I will get rid of the illegals. Let Russia deal with ISIS. What kind of foreign policy is that? We are going into a new Cold War with Russia not playing footsies with them. He talks about being self funded and anyone who claps for another candidate or boos him is a big dollar donor. I think people will get sick of his crap after awhile. I would love to see him lose in South Carolina.

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