Saturday, February 6, 2016


In Kentucky college tuitions continue to go up and up. Sometimes double digits in a school year. The faculty and other workers have  not received big raises over the years. But the coaches salaries are out of this world. Plus the number of coaches has grown. John Calipari the basketball coach makes $3.8 million salary and with other things and endorsements about $5 million. I have seen some salaries for assistant coaches: $275,000, $166,425, $350,000, $300,000 and $165,000. That might not be all the men's basketball salaries. The womens basketball coach makes $575,000 plus more for endorsements. Assistants makes $185,000, $155,000 and $115,000 that I can find. Then we have the losing KY football coach Stoops. He makes $2.3 million plus he has added a coach for everything. I swear there is a Gatorade Coach. I wonder how much those assistants make. We haven't even touched tennis, baseball, track, gymnastics, cheer leaders and other coaches. It seems ridiculous to pay this many coaches this amount of money and doing it on the back of students. Where is the end to this madness? All this money for coaches who have not had a winning football season in a long time. Then when someone is fired they pay them millions to leave.

It is just like major league owners paying players $100 million for a contract. These salaries are so out of shape with average American salaries. Now you know why a major sport ticket costs so much and why you pay $15 for a beer or a hot dog. Maybe if fans stops paying the prices things would change. This is what is wrong with colleges and the cost of college.

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