Saturday, June 26, 2010


Shakertown is a restored Shaker community, a religious order that existed here from 1805 -1910. The order started in New York and New England and eventually at least two communities came to Kentucky. Shakertown is near Harrodsburg which is about 25 miles south of Lexington, KY. The village consists of 3,000 acres and 34 restored buildings. In 1961, a community group began restoring the village to what it is today. You can tour the buildings, see craftsmen at work, eat in the Trustee Dining Room and even stay the night in some of the historic buildings. They have a number of special events every year including a Quilt Fair and an Antique Weekend. You can hike, bike or ride your horses on the many acres. There is even a paddlewheeler, The Dixie Queen, which you can take on an hour excursion on the Kentucky River. On the cruise you pass High Bridge (see photo) it is a railroad bridge built in 1911 and is still in use today. The man is making Shaker boxes which is a unique item to store things in. The building below is one of many brick and wood buildings which have been restored with Shaker furniture, and other items. If you visit it is an all day event if you want to see everything. The last Shaker that lived here died in 1923.

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