Saturday, June 5, 2010


It is fun to look back at old gasoline company logos and equipment. Many of these companies are no longer in business mostly through consolidation with other gas and oil companies. I remember in many locations there was a gas station also called a service station on each of four corners of an intersection. They were service stations because they pumped the gas, checked your oil, washed your windows and lights, checked the air in your tires and performed other services. Today you mainly pump your own gas and service your car yourself. One state that I know of, Oregon, still requires an attendant to pump your gas. It gives jobs to many students. All this service plus gas was .15 cents a gallon and with a fill up you either got a 6 pack of coke or a set of glasses. There were gas wars where each station on a corner would try to be the lowest price and the prices were changed several times a day to make sure you were the lowest price. Some gas stations you don't see anymore are: Union 76, Shamrock, Sinclair, Skelly, Sohio, Conoco, Amoco, Esso, Gulf, Pan Am, Phillip 76, Pure and Red Crown. I'm sure some of you can remember other brands which have disappeared. So remember when you are pumping your gas at $2.75 or more a gallon it was once done by the service station attendant and you actually got service.

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