Saturday, November 13, 2010


This photo is of Jane Fonda, the actress sitting on a North Vietnamese anti aircraft gun in Hanoi. The little peacenik took a trip to Hanoi during the Vietnam War. Of course she was welcomed by the Communist leaders as a publicity coupe. She visited American military who were held in the Hanoi Hilton prison. These prisoners were starved, beated and tortured. Little miss Jane aka as Hanoi Jane acted like she was on the red carpet of a movie opening. Its too bad someone didn't have the cajones to jail her and then try her as an American traitor up along side Benedict Arnold. Now they have made her one of the 100 Women of the Century. I guess it is in the category of notorious and a traitor. I will not forget nor forgive Jane Fonda for what she did and neither will most of the military personnel who fought in Vietnam. This is a story for those of you who were too young for Vietnam. Don't ever forget this traitors name.

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