Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We recently had a chance to spend some time in the Northern Indiana Amish Country. We initially went into Shipshewanna and spent some time in the shops and stayed in a motel there. Also went to dinner at the Das Dutchman Essenahus which had excellent food in nearby Middlebury, IN. We knew there was a 90 driving tour of the Amish country so our second day we took off on it. It took us thru Goshen, Elkhart and some other towns. Actually we were disappointed in this part of the tour as we really didn't see as much Amish culture etc that we had in Shipshewanna which seems to be the Heart of the Amish Country. In fact after Elkhart I decided to go into South Bend to see the Studebaker Museum. We spent several hours there and in a mansion connected to the museum. Then we decided to jog down to Nappanee to see more of the Amish culture. Again not much happening. I don't know if it was the time of year or after we saw Shipshewanna the rest was not as good. Eventually we decided to head toward Ohio and spent the night in Finley. One thing driving around this area everywhere you look there are RV manufacturers of all types. I knew the Amish were furniture and cabinet makers but many of them work for the RV manufacturers. While in Shipshewanna we enjoyed seeing the Amish buggies with spirited horses. They were all over the roads. As you can see by the photo they are ingenious and even added a trailer behind their wagon and horse. Also Amish on bicycles. If they weren't in buggies they were in bikes. I'm told the different sects of Amish determine their own rules. Its interesting to see a person in Amish dress and wearing crocs. There are all kinds of stores that sell Amish crafts and furniture. Plus some great eating spots in the area. It was interesting but I would have spent more time around Shipshewanna. The Amish people do not like to be photographed that is why my photos are of the round barn, buggies and horses.

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