Friday, September 2, 2011


At this point in history we have more to fear from Obama than we do from the terrorist. The terrorist made a big splash with their attack on the World Trade Center 10 years ago. Obama has been causing havoc for 3 years over and over again. No matter what you look at Obama is trying to change this nation for the worst. Obamacare which we don't even know the impact is having some employers hold back on creating jobs and some employers getting rid of health care benefits for their workers. The EPA and all the other departments are daily instituting new regulations, rules and laws which are trampling our freedoms. I wouldn't want to be a small business owner in this atmosphere. Even big business has plenty of cash but they don't want to use it to hire because they don't know what they are facing day to day. We can't drill for oil where we want to but Obama can give Brazil millions of our dollars to drill for oil on their land. Obama won't enforce immigration laws but the Labor Department puts out rules protecting illegal aliens by guaranteeing them certain safety and wages. In many cases we don't even do it for natural born Americans. Immigration reform by Obama is a joke. He wants to make all the illegals legal so that they will vote for him. He is focused his own job and reelection rather than the jobs of Americans. He has put us deep in debt and doesn't have a clue how to cut the budget. Any average American could have some serious suggestions to him on how to do that. Obama bends over backward for Muslim nations at the expense of this nations defense. Here is someone who has never done nothing and doesn't have a clue as to how to get things done. Leading from behind is his motto because he doesn't know how to lead from in front. So when election time comes around just think about are you better off now or before Obama. Just think what has happened in 3 years under Obama, how can he reek havoc in 8 years in office? I for one am more afraid of what Obama is doing to my country than what any terrorist group will do to it.

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