Friday, October 21, 2011


Until I started researching I didn't realize how many sancutary cities there were. Actually there are several sanctuary states. Washington DC has just joined the list. Basically a sanctuary city won't cooperate with federal authorities on issues of illegal aliens. A solution of course is to cut off all federal aid to sanctuary cities and states. Once the money stops I think that the cooperation will return. If they didn't get education, highway and law enforcement money then the local officials would scurry to change their status.

Here is just a partial list of some of the sanctuary places I found. Some are big cities and some are small towns.

Anchorage AK
Phoenix / Tucson AZ
Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego CA
Denver / Ft Collins CO
Hartford CT
Miami FL
Dalton GA
Chicago IL
Wichita KS
New Orleans LA
Cambridge MA
State of Maine
Baltimore MD
Detroit MI
Minneapolis / St Paul MN
Reno NV
Camden & Newark NJ
Albuquerque and Santa Fe NM
New York City NY
Charlotte NC
Columbus OH
Oklahoma City OK
State of Oregon
Piladelphia PA
Dallas / Ft Worth TX
State of Utah
Alexandria VA
State of Vermont
Seattle WA
Madison WI
Jackson Hole WY
Washington DC

To the credit of some states there are only one or two places which are sanctuary cities. In other states like California there are numerous sanctuary cities. And you wonder why illegal immigration is a problem in such places as California aka Upper Mexico. There are other cities that are considering sanctuary status. If the citizens who oppose these actions don't take actions they will be living in a sanctuary city whether they like it or not.

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