Sunday, May 20, 2012


I have always wondered why they didn't try using a B-52 as a borate bomber for forest fires. I know they have used a DC-10 as one and it can lay down a mile long borate trail. Can you imagine the area that a B-52 could saturate. Water filled plastic bags could be dropped instead of bombs. When that baby hit the forest fire it would make an impact. Yes I know it would take a long runway for it to land on but it could also fly way above the fire and smoke to drop its load. Maybe they should consider experimenting with this idea. The B-52 had a huge bomb load and that could translate to lots of pounds of water. Right now the wild fires in New Mexico and Arizona could use some new thoughts on how to control them. Saturation or carpet bombing them would do the trick. It sure did a job on some Viet Namese forests and military units.

The B-52 can carry one of these bomb loads:
51 ea 500 lb bombs
51 ea 750 lb bombs
30 ea 1000 lb bombs
18 ea 2000 lb bombs
This would create one heck of a water balloon fire fighting aircraft.

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