Saturday, May 26, 2012


You always hear about the Kennedy curse. It appears that the curse actually came from the Kennedy men. Old Joe Kennedy was a wheeler dealer but also a bootlegger who was also a ladies man. Then we have President John F. Kennedy who had affairs with Marilyn Monroe, Jane Mansfield, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Anton LaVey and many other women. At the same time Robert Kennedy the President's brother was also having an affair with Marilyn Monroe. Then we have Uncle Ted - Teddy Kennedy who in 1969 killed Mary Jo Kapekne by driving drunk and rolling his car into a bay. He didn't do too much to save her and didn't even call for help. Then we have nephew William Kennedy Smith who was tried for raping Patricia Bowman. Also a Kennedy cousin Michael Skakel who murdered 15 year old Martha Moxley when he was a juvenile but was only convicted years later. More recently Robert F. Kennedy Jr's wife committed suicide while her husband was having an affair with actress Cheryl Hines. I don't understand why some people think of the Kennedy's as America's royalty. Their history is one of corruption, crime and womanizing. I wonder how many more Kennedy relatives have inherited this gene.

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