Thursday, August 8, 2013


Can; you believe 47 million Americans are on food stamps? That is 1 out of every 7 Americans. What gives? Under Obama food stamps have dramatically increased like 7-9 million people. The government is doing everything possible to get people on food stamps. I guess Americans are not dependent enough on the government so they want to make a more Socialist country. It once was a subject that people were ashamed to be on. Now people buy all kinds of stuff on the taxpayers dime. There is a story of a surfer dude in California who does nothing but surfs. He gets food stamps. He was in a store buying lobster for a party and said 'thank you taxpayers". Ridiculous. There are people who need food stamps but it isn't 47 million people. The fraud, waste and abuse of this system is rampant. The government should be cracking down on food stamp use not encouraging it. I guess Obama thinks if you are getting food stamps you will be beholding to the administration. In the surveys done Republicans say they would rather take care of their own rather than go on food stamps. Democrats say bring them on. That is a fundamental difference in the two parties. One is a taker and one is a giver. There are generations of families on food stamps. The right thing to do is teach your kids to stand on their own two food and take care of yourself and your family and not depend on government handouts.

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