Sunday, September 1, 2013


I guess everyone has dreams of a more perfect world. My world would be more perfect if Obama was not in the White House. I would prefer that he was retired in Chicago. His lack of experience and leadership is destroying this country. I did not serve in the military to have my country destroyed from within by inept leadership. Our national security is at stake. Obama has no foreign policy. The administration is involved in so many scandals from Bengazi, the IRS, NSA spying, false accusations against reporters, Fast and Furious gun sales and numerous other situations. We can tell by the latest Sryian "red line fiasco" that the left and right hand of government has no idea what is going on and they are not coordinated. I can't imagine having to work in that mess. Obama had two things going for him when elected the first time : a silver tongue and he was black. The second time he had given out enough food stamps, public assistance and other entitlements that people wanted the freebies to keep coming and if Obama was out of office many of them would be cut off. Now we have Obamacare tearing the country apart. Health care costs are going to go up. Doctors are retiring and there is no one to replace them. Insurance companies are pulling out of some states. Health care will be more limited than ever. Just like in England and Canada where socialized medicine is practiced. Unemployment is till not good. Mortgage rates are going up again so housing starts and construction job are going again. The stock market is starting to back off The national debt is too high and Obama is asking for more authority for debt. When does all this end? It is the old "owe my soul to the company store" syndrome.Half of the country is supporting the rest of the country. Obama has tried class warfare and gender warfare. His administration has done things which are against religion. WE have seen the incompetence of Eric Holder and many of his Cabinet Secretaries. The sooner Obama leaves office and a competent replacement moves into the Oval Office the better.

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