Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Heck the Republicans didn't have to stop Obamacare in Congress it is destroying itself. The website for signing up and finding out about the program doesn't work. People are not signing up as a result and probably because they don't like the program. Medical insurance company executives who were involved in developing the program said it was not ready to launch and it might be 3 years before it operates like it should. They have no idea of all the problems because they are so numerous. I guess Nancy Pelosi was right "you have to pass this bill to see what is in it". So far nothing good is in the bill. It could be that Obama will be out of office before it is half way useable. The few people who have gotten quotes found rates skyrocketing. Younger people finding 142% increase in their health insurance. More and more companies are dropping health insurance for their employees or are making employees part timers rather than with more hours where they have to provide health insurance. Way to not help the economy.

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