Sunday, November 17, 2013


Ohio apparently has two great zoos: Columbus and Cincinnati. I have not been to the Columbus Zoo but know that it is associated with Jack Hanna. The Cincinnati Zoo is smaller but meshed in with a botanical garden setting. The animals can be seen upclose and they have large enclosures. At this time of the year some animals are not on display due to the cooler weather but there are plenty of others to see. They have animals, birds, insects, fish and snakes to enjoy. The terrain is up and down so be aware of that. They have parking which is covered with solar panels to generate power for the zoo. Parking is $8 per car. Admission is $10 for Seniors and Children. $15 for adults. They have a number of shops and cafes throughout the park. Some of them you can only eat outdoors which at this time of the year might be a challenge. They were preparing the park for their Christmas event which is lighted the day after Thanksgiving. It looks like it would be fun to go thru it in the evening. All in all a very nice zoo. It was very clean and the staff was nice.

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