Friday, November 29, 2013


I know that I have a lot of viewers from other countries and I will throw this question to you. Governments have to have the trust of their people or they are not a democracy. Here in the United States Barack Obama has lost the trust of most Americans. Only 37% trust him so that means 63% or a majority do not trust him. Once a President has lost the trust of his people it is hard to get it back. Obama has staked his legacy on Obamacare healthcare. So far it has been a disaster and the President has lied to us time after time on this subject. He has also not been truthful on fast and furious gun sales, the IRS scandal, the Bengazi Embassy attack and on other subjects. He came in saying he would be transparent for the people. He has ended up one of the least transparent President that we have ever had. He has failed as a leader and seems more interested in fundraising and campaigning than administering the government. Do you trust your President? If yes or no tell me the reasoning.

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