Tuesday, January 14, 2014


We all know that Hillary Clinton can't resist running for President in 2016. Her Hit List has already been uncovered and we know that Democrats are trying to take down Governor Christie of New Jersey. So the dirty and mud has already started. If you vote for Hillary you are going to get Obama in a dress. Both have admitted they opposed the Iraq troop surge for political reasons. So they put politics above national defense or supporting the troops. Hillary's statement to Congress about the Bengazi killings tells it all. She said "what difference does it make".  Referring to whether it was a crowd excited over a video or if it was terrorist. I think it makes one hell of a difference. She is the one who dropped the ball on embassy security and got the Libyan Ambassador killed and three others. So if the call comes at 3AM to President Hillary I wouldn't count on it being answered. Hillary has already raised $16 million for her campaign so I would say she is positioning herself for a run. If you want another pig in a poke like Obama then vote for Hillary. I guess that would be a sow in a poke.

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