Sunday, January 26, 2014


Obama just loves to try and put down Fox News every chance he gets. The only problem is Fox News is more balanced than Obama or his staff. At least Fox News many times has someone from the left and someone from the right debating an issue. They also have done what the main stream media has not done kept on the stories like IRS scandal, Bengazi, Fast and Furious and other Obama screw ups. Obama wants to sweep them under the rug and the main stream media has allowed him to do it. Real journalist are probably rolling over in their graves over the way news is done today. The New York Times is nothing but a liberal propaganda sheet suitable for putting in the bottom of a canary cage. If Obama would be as transparent as he said he would be Fox News wouldn't be on his butt.  But he is the biggest cover up artist among Presidents in my time which goes back to FDR. When the next President takes over I wonder how many rats will run out of the White House. Oh I forgot if Hillary is there she will nurture the Obama rats and add some of her own. If a conservative wins President they better call in the exterminators and steam clean the whole place. It is a cesspool.

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