Sunday, April 27, 2014


It is too bad the citizens of the United States biggest problem is the Obama administration. They were elected to serve the people but they seem to only want to serve themselves. We can't get a straight answer out of any of the Presidents appointees. They have blocked every attempt to investigate wrongs like Fast and Furious gun sales, IRS targeting of conservative groups and Bengazi deaths. Obama thru the EPA is trying to shut down coal mining, oil and shale exploration and pushing up the prices of utilities. Nothing is moving in Congress due to Harry Reid's block on any votes or he won't even bring bills up for discussion. Attorney General Eric Holder now wants to let out of prison thousands of drug dealers but he won't prosecute people who are breaking the law. We finally got rid of Kathleen Sebelius who couldn't handle the Obamacare implementation. Every where you look when officials do wrong no one gets fired in most cases they cut a sweetheart deal if they leave. Lois Lerner should be fired and probably in prison. Obama has circumvented the U.S. Constitution and should be impeached. Joe Biden is just a clown or the court jester. No one takes him seriously and he wants to be President. Hillary Clinton left the Secretary of State in disgrace and now wants to be President it appears. People if you want change you better vote for someone other than a Democrat. It is your choice and your country. If you are not concerned about your future and that of your children then you deserve what you get. If you are working and want to support the other half of the country that is getting freebies then keep on doing it and eventually you will be supporting more than half the country. We need people to get off their rears and go to work. You may not find a job like the one you lost but you can find something to do. Are you going to stay on unemployment for two years and be no closer to a job than you were when you started? This is a country of opportunity not of handouts.

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