Sunday, April 20, 2014


After five years there is still no decision on the Keystone Pipeline. Obama seems to be delaying the decision until after the mid term elections. Republicans and even many Democrats are calling on Obama to make a decision. The Keystone Pipeline would create 42,000 jobs. Apparently this doesn't matter to Obama. Unemployment doesn't seem to bother him. He also seems to be bowing to the desires of Eco Nut Tom Sateyer of California who has promised $100 million of his own money and $100 in political action group money if it is delayed. He is opposed to the pipeline on environmental grounds. The dummy doesn't realize the oil is already coming into this country by truck and rail car. The pipeline would be safer for the environment than trucks and trains which could have accidents. Obama has stifled oil and shale production and is cutting the throats of coal miners by doing away with coal fired electrical plants. Overall Obama is doing more to destroy America and our way of life than any terrorist group. I don't know if anyone can turn around the eight years of destruction he will have laid on this nation when he leaves office. The BLM is also waging war on land owners. Some states are finally waking up and are fighting back and want the states to manage some of the land now run by the federal government. The federal government has gotten too big and has tried to use it's bully powers on normal Americans in many ways. Time to cut back on the federal government and trim their powers.

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