Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Today a second journalist Steven Sotloff was beheaded by ISIS. This follows a beheading of James Foley a week or so ago. Obama has blood on his hands because he has done nothing to prevent the growth of ISIS. He has been briefed on this group for a year and yet he still calls them the JV or Junior Varsity team. This was the beheading of two Americans. Yet ISIS has beheaded, crucified and executed hundreds if not thousands of others from Iraq, Syria and wherever. ISIS holds at least one female aide worker. What is going to be the reaction of the world if she is beheaded or killed? ISIS is threatening a British journalist next. About 20 journalist are known to be held. ISIS has even bought hostages from other groups. If Obama had bombed ISIS while they were in Syria and grouped up he probably would have prevented much of what is happening now. His inaction has sealed the fate of these two Americans and of many others. Is he going to bomb ISIS no matter where they are? They are in Syria, Iraq now but are they planning on attacks in the USA, Britain or Europe? Is Obama going to wait for another 9/11 type attack to get his head out of his rear? Time for Obama to take action or resign.

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