Sunday, September 21, 2014


Not long ago I purchased a GoPro3 black version camera. One reason was I wanted to be able to film interesting places. One of them being the 11 mile drive in Cades Cove, part of the Smokie Mountain National Park in Tennessee.

Last week I purchased a suction cup accessory to use on this trip. Once at Cades Cove I attached the suction cup to the hood of my car. I did so hoping that the device would hold during the 11 mile drive and nothing would happen to my camera. It successfully did.

I learned some lesson from this trip and filming in video. The suction cup was on the hood so you picked up some engine noise. I also had my air conditioner on and the fan at times would pop on and off. Lesson 1: Don't have your air conditioner on. The whirl of that was much more noticeable than the engine.

I used the default speed of the video. While I was going 5-10 mph it appeared that I was going much faster. I would think about cutting that in half. I think it was 1080p. It looks like a great race thru the roads.

I had the sun at my back for more than half of the trip. I stopped the video before I started the next section which was going into the sun. It was not direct sun light because much of it was in the woods. But there are some spots where the sun is overly bright. It actually did much better than I expected.

I would love to hear from others who have filmed things from their car using the suction device to hold the camera. This was my first attempt and would like to hear some other suggestions on how to film these things.

I later filmed an Alpine Slide sort of a bobsled ride using the chest straps. That came out great.  The Smokies is a great place to use your GoPro and other cameras.

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