Wednesday, December 3, 2014


It appears some of the black leaders like Al Sharpton are trying to start a Black KKK. He wants to hang the Ferguson, Missouri police officer without a trial or in spite of a grand jury ruling. So I guess he is in the same class as the original KKK which was white in white sheets. Obama met with some of these "Black leaders" in the White House the other day but didn't include anyone involved with Ferguson, Missouri. Interesting. He seems to be stirring up the race card rather than trying to resolve the problems. So the solution to him is put cameras on the policemen and give them more training to respect the public. Why doesn't he try to train  the country that they should show some respect to the police officers and to the law. The elephant in the room is Yes there is racism in America. There is racism around the world. Shites don't like Sunnis. Israeli and Palestinians don't like each other. In England Pakistani people are looked down on. Some blacks don't like white and some whites don't like blacks. Some whites don't like whites and some blacks don't like blacks. I like chocolate cake and you like vanilla. You can not like someone and get along. Democrats don't like Republicans and vice versa. There are families with a husband who is liberal and a wife conservative or the other way around. They figure out ways to make things work. I may not like you but I don't go burn down your business or shoot at you. If you are doing a criminal act and you can be any color it doesn't matter what color the policeman is you might get into a confrontation because you are breaking the law. Yep too bad someone dies but when you are a treat to a policeman they want to survive too.

So lets all go by the American campfire and learn to be tolerant of others.

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