Monday, January 12, 2015


Obama has steadily been abdicating the position of the United States being the leader of the Free World. His non appearance at the rally against terrorism in Paris was the topping on the cake. Over forty major country leaders were present to support the French after the terrorist attacks. The highest American official there was our Ambassador. Our Ambassador is a lady who raised lots of money for the Obama campaign and had no international credentials. It is a wonder she could find France on a map. Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris and left before the march. Vice President Biden was in Delaware with nothing on his schedule. Obama had nothing on his schedule and apparently was watching football when the march happened. I guess the golf course was closed. Obama is the poster child for the lack of leadership. While Obama didn't show up in Paris the American people are behind the French in fighting terrorism. Obama can't even say Islamic extreme terrorism. He probably thought it was domestic or work place violence. God help us get thru two more years with this moron. Our saving grace might be a Congress that is not a rubber stamp for doing nothing.

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