Saturday, May 16, 2015


Most American Presidents have tried to bring the country together. Obama has done so much to pull the country apart.
 He has tried to make the rich out to be bad and has tried to start class warfare. He has done more to put people in poverty than any other President. He has not helped job creation in any way.

He has divided the country on religion. He says he is a Christian but he beats up on Christians at every turn. In the military chaplains are not allowed to express their denominations thoughts. That has not been the case in the military with prior Presidents. He seems to bend over backwards to Muslims not even identifying terrorist as Muslim extremist.

He and the Democrats have tried for a gender warfare. They say women are put down by Republicans and are not paid enough. Check the salaries of the women on the White House staff compared to men in similar jobs.

He has divided the country by race. As the first Black (part black part white ) President he has not done much to help the cause of African Americans. But he beats up the cops when a white cop shoots a black criminal. He has the Justice Dept investigate certain shootings while similar shootings by a different racial mix are not looked at. He allows Al Sharpton to be his chief advisor on race. Al is an instigator and a fraud.

On immigration he won't enforce the laws of the country but panders to Latinos for their vote by promising them that as law breakers they can stay in this country. He wants to make them citizens so that they will vote Democratic he hopes.

I could go on but you have the idea. We will need a President who will promote this country not tear it down when Obama is out of office.

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