Friday, May 15, 2015


I know that Obama has a year plus left in office. But you want to be ready to celebrate when he is gone. I think across America there should be community celebrations that he is gone. You can gather in front of the courthouse, in a park or any other appropriate place and celebrate that "ding dong the witch is gone".  We have had 8 years of Obama not listening to the voters or Congress. He has done everything he could do to bring America down not bring her up. So in honor of his legacy "can you say in the cess pool" we should all celebrate when he leaves office. In my life time (yea I am old) he is the worst President the country has had. He has displaced Jimmy Carter for that honor. Our allies and friends around the world will probably celebrate with us when he is gone. In fact I invite other countries to have their own Farewll Obama Parties.

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