Thursday, May 28, 2015


We all know that Putin was a KGB Colonel in his earlier career. He still has the mentality of a KGB Colonel. He rides in race cars, motorcycles, fly fishes, plays with tigers, scores hockey goals what a joke. All he really wants to do is get the former Soviet Republic back together again. He has had an airliner with 300 people shot down and he won't take responsibility for it. He has troops trying to take over the Ukraine and he denies it. Apparently he now has mobile crematoriums running around burning Soviet troops bodies so that no one will know about it. He has made it a crime to report Soviet troop losses. So I guess there are parents who don't know that their kids are dead.  With Obama in the White House Putin will get away with his crap. I just hope the next President has some cajones (if it is Hillary Clinton she has no cajones) and puts Putin in his place. We should put maximum sanctions on Russia. Prior sanctions seems to have hurt his country. Russia is not a democracy and with Putin in office will only be a dictatorship.

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