Tuesday, June 2, 2015


From a recent speech Obama praised himself for shutting down two wars. Well I guess he considers moving troops out of Iraq and then ISIS moving in a victory for his side. Now in Afghanistan there are 10,000 plus troops still there so we are not out of there yet. He indicated he just has one little problem ISIS and of course we know he considers them the JV team. ISIS came about because of Obama not being willing to have troops stay in Iraq. So he is the cause of the rise of ISIS. He is responsible for the ISIS problem which is spreading world wide. Plus he can't acknowledge that they are a problem. He makes token military air strikes on ISIS but many times planes come back because they don't have permission to take out targets. Sounds like LBJ and the Vietnam War. The White House wants to run the war from behind their desk and they have no military experience to do it. I will remember Obama's legacy is one of tearing down the USA and turning his back on our allies.

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