Saturday, June 13, 2015


Ever since the new President Michael T. Benson has arrived things have been changing at Eastern Kentucky University and not for the better. Staff have been laid off, coaches canned and maybe some dirty under the table deals made. Why wouldn't an athlete recruited by a coach go elsewhere if his coach is no longer there?  The City is upset over Campus Terrace not paying taxes. The college is trying to weasel out of them by saying state instiutions don't have to pay them.  Is anyone looking into this. Maybe 60 Minutes will. The local newspaper isn't since they really don't do the news or have real reporters. The citizens of Richmond are just wondering what is going on. It is the topic of discussion around town. They don't get a warm and fuzzy feeling out of the current situation. Some students who were planning on going to the college have elected to go else where. Alumni are upset too. I have heard of some Eastern Kentucky University hats, shirts etc being burned. I guess that tells you something. Oh well probably another college president who brings in his lackies, stays a couple of years, screws up the place and moves on leaving the campus in disarray. You wonder who was on the Search Committee for this guy. Is this what they hired him for?

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