Sunday, July 5, 2015


While Americans are optimistic people the current White House and U.S. Government is doing more harm than good to the average American. They are spending us into poverty like Greece. Sometime we have to start paying back all those trillions we have borrowed. We can't continue to expand entitlement programs like welfare, food stamps etc. We should be cutting the funding to encourage people to get off their butts and get a job. ISIS is running rampant all over the world and the White House is doing nothing to stop it. Our national security is in jeopardy and Obama doesn't have a clue. People need jobs not more government regulations. Wages have not gone up. They say unemployment is 5.3% but so many people have given up looking for jobs the true number is probably at least 12%. We give money to illegal students, pay illegals healthcare yet American citizens don't get the same deal. I feel sorry for my children and grandchildren who I fear will not do as well as I have. We need a President in 2016 who will undo what Obama and his government has done. We have scandals everywhere in government but no one goes to jail or is even fired. We give social security payments to dead people and to people really not disabled but veterans can't get healthcare for combat injuries. When are people going to wake up and get mad about what is going on? We throw some tea in Boston harbor when we fought a King who was taxing us unjustly. We have a White House which is doing worse. Maybe it is time to throw some tea bags in the White House swimming pool.

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