Sunday, July 5, 2015


Why is everyone dumping on the Confederate flag and monuments? Yes a crazy racist killed 9 people in a church in Charleston S.C. But the flag didn't do it. What if he was shown with a gay pride flag? Would that flag be banned? The Confederate flag is part of our history. Just like Confederate monuments. Fools like Senator McConnell and Paul are calling for the Jefferson Davis statue in the Kentucky State Capitol to be removed. Ok why don't we remove Daniel Boone too. He killed Indians aka Native Americans. Isn't that offensive to some. Jefferson Davis and Lincoln were both from Kentucky and deserve a place in the state Capitol. Other monuments should not be removed either. We already have nut cases demanding crosses be removed from military monuments which have stood for years. Anyone offended by anything thinks they can have the offensive thing removed. I think the majority should decide what happens to these monuments, crosses, flags etc not politicians. The liberals are trying to wipe out the history of this country and others are letting them. What I learned in history books in schools many things have been removed. Many people today have no clue to our history. Let's not let a few decide what the majority wants.

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