Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Yes the City by the Bay is involved in a murder. The blood is on their hands too. Francisco Sanchez an illegal alien who had been deported seven times killed Kathryn Steinie a 32 old young women in front of her father on the Embarcadero. Sanchez should have never been on the streets. He had been in jail on drug charges which were dismissed. The Immigration Service asked the San Francisco Sheriff to notify them before his release so they could get him and deport him once again. No the jail doesn't do that they let him go and notify no one. Kathryn was just walking in a popular tourist area when this low life shoots her in the back. He claims he found the gun and was shooting at sea lions. Asked why he was in San Francisco after all the deportments Sanchez said he knew they wouldn't turn him over to the feds. San Francisco is a sanctuary city which means they don't cooperate with federal law enforcement on immigrants.

Why does the federal government put up with sanctuary cities. There are many large and small around the country. Any sanctuary city should have all their federal funds pulled since they don't want to abide by federal law. That might get them to thinking about cooperation.

So all you bleeding heart liberals of San Francisco. Look at your hands. See the blood. You cooperated in the killing of this young women and you have blood on your hands too.

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