Saturday, July 11, 2015


If you visit the Outer Banks of North Carolina one of the attractions is the wild horses. These Spanish Colonial horses have roamed the beaches for several hundred years. The horses are now in an area north of Corolla. There are 80-110 horses that roam the beach, dunes and tree areas. There are a number of companies that take tours to see the wild horses. The Corolla Wild Horse tours are the people to tour with. They are the ones who manage and care for the horses. There are other companies such as the ones with the hummers shown above and others with open seating pickups. I am told they give the tours but never contribute to the non profit Corolla Wild Horse group that cares for them. Without the wild horses these companies would be out of business. Seems a shame that they don't even donate to the group that cares for the horses. Vet bills on a recent injured horse were almost $10,000. The Corolla Wild Horse group gives tours in Suburbans and they have a gift shop and visitor center. If you want to see the wild horses consider going with this group.

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